I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


28. Ouch

I turned my head to see Perrie and Zayn's mum jamming out to the boys, behind me was El and the kids with Louis family Lottie smiling and dancing with Lucas. Anne was next to me smiling some tears in her eyes I rubbed her back and she smiled at me. I looked down the row and giggled at Cambree who was wrapped up in an Irish flag that Niall's mum brought. Everyone seemed so happy I wanted to be happy like them but I couldn't bring myself to the feelings. I would smile every time that Harry would look up here but he knew something was wrong because every damn time our eyes met we communicated and then he would walk away upset. Harry and I have grown close of course and we could talk just through looking at each other and we could read each other that's why I can never lie to him. When Harry came over again our eyes connected and I mouthed 'I'm sorry' He shook his head his curls flopping around and then held up one finger 'Please' he mouthed and then walked away to change formations. "What was that about?" Anne asked into my ear "Nothing, I just need to go" I said and smiled Anne hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek "Be safe, and I'll come and check on you later" Anne said. I turned to walk away but then I heard Harry's voice "Could my mum tell Bethany to wait up" I spun around my eyes wide Anne looked at me and held her hand out I walked back over and she pulled me under her arm. I looked around and everyone was smiling and staring at me I smiled back and then their hands turned back to the stage. I looked down and the boys were all in a huddle and then they suddenly split apart "Okay Harry here has some amazing news" Louis said smiling and then patted Harry on the back the crowd went crazy. What new could Harry possible have? "Hello!" Harry yelled and again the crowd went crazy, "Now I have some wonderful news that a lot of you may already suspected." I looked around confused but Anne just smiled at me and rubbed my back. My belly started to ache and I put my hand on it this was more than a kick. "I need to sit down" I yelled and plopped into the seat, I grabbed my stomach in pain "What's wrong honey" Anne asked kneeling down next to me "I I don't know" I said and groaned. "I just want my whole family to know, and you guys are my family" Harry said "Bethany and I are having a baby or two" he said the whole crowd started clapping and screaming but I couldn't take it I started to get a raging headache and I started to panic. "Anne I need to go to a hospital" I said looking up to her she nodded and then helped me up "I can barley stand" I said my knees suddenly collapsing Perrie and I think Louis' mum came and grabbed me. I tried not to cry I had to be strong. "What's going on?" Andy asked popping out from the stands and taking Louis' mum's place under my arm. Andy and I have become close since the boys have been so busy he has kind of stepped in a bit and he was hilarious and fun! 

I watched as some body guards came and pushed us through fans and tried to hide us, but it was hard because there were 3 of us and you could easily see us. I was pushed into a car and collapsed onto Andy's lap. "I I have no energy" I whispered barley having enough energy to talk. "It will be okay love. Just close your eyes" Anne said rubbing my head. Anne has become like my mum since my mum and I just could rekindle she wasn't the same. When we were together she was usually high or smelled of weed or some other drug. I couldn't handle it and James well he moved in with his girlfriend, Ally. I was shocked out of my thoughts when I was being shoved out of the van. "Come on Bethany stay here" Anne was saying squeezing my hand. "I'm I'm fine" I said patting her hand and smiling, I closed my eyes and allowed Andy to drag me where ever. Andy carefully placed me in a chair next to Anne I assume, "Anne I'm so sorry" I said starting to cry "Oh no Bethany don't be sorry" Anne said hugging me "You should've stayed, I feel bad making you leave" "You didn't make me do anything, I wanted to come" I smiled and then leaned on her shoulder "Does Harry know I'm here?" I asked "No he doesn't"


Harry's P.O.V

I looked back up into our family section and Bethany was gone so was my mum. I jogged across the stage and found Liam "Where is Bethany and my mum?" I asked into his ear "I don't know Andy is missing too" Liam smiled "Last song then we can figure it out" he said and gave me a quick pat on the back. I nodded and then went and waved around. 

After we finished I ran into the dressing room and no one was there. "Harry you need to get to the hospital" Perrie yelled running down the hallway "Why?" I asked running up to her and then following her "Bethany left during the concert." Perrie told me following me closely "Thanks Perrie" I said and started to run leaving her in the dust. "I'm coming" Niall said as he stepped in front of me "No Niall go with your family" I said and tried to go past him "She is a part of my family" "Then come see her later" I said not looking at him "No Harry!" he shouted startling me "Please Niall...the girl I love, my wife is in the hospital and I have no idea what's going on just let me go" I said my eyes getting watery "Fine but I get to see her later" he said stepping aside. I smiled and then started running again Spencer already had a van for me and I jumped in "Tell me how she is?" he asked as he grabbed the door "Yea I will" I smiled and then he closed the door. I tapped my foot and scrolled through twitter, there were so many tweets, some congratulating me and Bethany, some saying Bethany my mum and Andy ran out quickly, then there some saying horrible things about her that she was leaving me and everything. I brushed it off and got out of the van running into the hospital, the body guards struggling to keep up with me. "Bethany" I yelled "Oh you're Harry Styles" someone said from behind me "Yes" I said spinning "Here follow me" she said and then I complied the body guards now caught up to me. "I've heard of you but I never thought I would meet you" she said softly "Mmhmm" I hummed looking in every room as we passed it "My sister loves you and Bethany....all she talks about is you two and your band actually...Bethany is her idol" I felt bad not really listening to her but I was too worried "Yea, I get it you're worried sorry I'm talking" she said "It's fine I'm sorry" I said patting her shoulder "Well she is fine and I guess she can fill you in" she said with a smile "Hey" I yelled before she walked away "Come back later okay?" she nodded happily and then skipped away. I took a deep breath and then opened the door and walked in. "Harry" my mum said and hugged me "Have you been crying mum?" I asked looking at her red eyes she nodded and then I looked behind her Bethany's eyes were shut tightly and she was hooked up to machines Andy was sleeping on the couch in the corner. "What's going on?" I asked moving to the bed and grabbing her hand "The doctor suspected that one of the babies kicked while she had a cramp of some kind. And then that sent her into a panic attack. But she didn't have much of anything in her system food and drink wise, so that could be a factor but they couldn't asses her because she could barley talk." I nodded my head and smiled at her "So why were you crying?" I asked looking at my mum who was now brushing the hair out of Bethany's face with her fingers "She is like a daughter to me and I had no idea what was going on and I was scared..." I smiled and reached over to grab my mum's hand "I really appreciate how supportive you are of Bethany" "It's nothing Harry you know that" "I know but she really appreciates everything you do" My mum nodded "She should be awake soon, she had absolutely not energy" "Thanks" My mum nodded "I'm going to take Andy to the hotel, please call if anything happens" I nodded and then stood up and gave my mum a kiss goodbye she shook Andy and he groaned but finally got up and they left. 

"Bethany I love you" I said and kissed her temple, when I pulled away her eyes were fluttering open "Harry" she yelled wrapping her arms around me "Be careful don't waste your energy." I said pushing her back down "I'm fine" she said trying to sit back up "So I heard you tell the fans" she said her smile glowing making me smile "Yea I did" "How did they take it?" "Well but that doesn't matter how are you? How are they?" I placed my hand on her belly and rubbed my thumb in "Fine I feel much better but I'm still tired...babe you can go to the hotel?" I shook my head "Hell no I'm not leaving you" She nodded her head and ran her fingers through her hair "Come here" she stated scooting over on the bed. I walked around and then she rolled onto her side, I followed her lead and climbed onto the bed pulling her body into mine, our two bodies so close becoming almost one. "I love you Harry" I kissed her ear and put my hand over her stomach and my other one under her head "I love you too babe, night" "Night Harry thanks you" I again kissed her ear before I watched her eyes shut. 

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