I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


22. On the way


Bethany's P.O.V

There it was again the twisting in my stomach I tried to get out of Harry's grasp but it was no use "Harry please let go" I said and pushed on his chest "Just lay here" he said with a slight groan "Harry I can't I need to go now" I said more urgently "Bethany are you okay?" he asked and then sprung to life still having a tight grip on me, "Fine just a tad sick" I said and pushed away from him darting to the bathroom. I curled my self over the toilet and hurled. I soon felt one of Harry's hands on my back and the other lightly rubbing my lower back, "Harry just go lay down" I said and tried to push him away but he came back and sat behind me. "With you in sickness and in heath" Harry said. I looked at him and winked then was back over the toilet. I need to tell Harry, but I've only taken 1 test, I want to be sure. I stood up and then washed my face "Do you want anything hun?" Harry asked rubbing my back "Um tea?" I said wiping my face with a towel "Okay babe I'll be right back." he said and kissed my head then walked away. I looked at the running water it was so peaceful like it had nothing to worry about well obviously it didn't it's not even....I groaned at my own thoughts and walked out of the bathroom. I put on a pair of sweats and then went to check on Cambree, if it was anything like the first time Harry blew up at me then I knew she had a lot on her mind. I walked down the hall and heard small shuffling coming from her room, she probably just woke up. "Cambree" I said knocking on the door "Shit do you know what she will think" I heard her say and then there was more shuffling and mumbles. Niall, that was all that was going through my mind... "Niall Harry wants to see you" I said smirking knowing how now both of them were reacting. I opened the door and Niall was putting his shirt back on while Cambree was closing the door to the bathroom. Niall had a smug look on his face and it made me wonder...would he sleep with Cambree? "Morning" Niall said and then walked to the bathroom door he knocked on it and smiled at me Cambree little cute face peered out from the crack that she had allowed the door to open. "You need anything Cam?" Niall asked looking at her very seriously "Privacy Ni!" she shouted and shoved his face playfully I let out a small giggle and then waved to Cambree "Hey Bethany feeling better?" she asked with a devilish smirk. "No actually I need to talk to you so please hurry up darling" I said and she nodded then closed the bathroom door, leaving Niall standing by the door looking smug still. "Harry doesn't need me does he?" Niall asked leaning against the wall by the bathroom door. I shook my head and laughed he walked to me and then took my shoulders in his hands "Bethany you don't need to worry, I'm not like that she means a lot to me" Niall said and then walked away. I walked downstairs and sat on the couch and was joined by Harry. "You feeling better?" he asked and pushed some hair behind my ear I nodded and smiled looking at the mug.

"Are you sure?" he asked and that's when I knew that he was aware of me hiding something. I nodded my head and smiled at him "Yea" I said and then sipped my tea. "Okay babe" Harry said and then laid his head on my shoulder, he was so adorable. His morning hair all frizzy and fluffy, every time he moved his curls would hit the side of my face making me laugh a bit. "I should go shower, I have to be at the studio soon" Harry said and lifted his head and his gaze to meet mine I nodded and kissed his cheek. "You have no idea how bad I want to kiss you" I said Harry laughed "Maybe that will make you get better" he said and hopped up and walked up the stairs. I threw my head back and sighed "What's got you down" Cambree asked coming down the stairs her wet hair up in a towel. "What do you think?" I said and rolled my head to face her "Really the child?" she asked raising her eyebrows I nodded and she laughed. "I'm unsure I mean I only took one...it could be wrong" I told her she jumped up and then threw her hair out of the towel then put it up in a bun "What are you doing?" I asked looking at her "Getting you another test or three" she said and smiled. I rolled my eyes "Cambr-" "No Bethany I'm going tell Niall that I'll see him tomorrow" I groaned and then she left. "What kind of tests?" Niall asked sitting next to me "Um" is all I could say I couldn't come up with anything. He looked at me and then smirked "Yup you can't lie to me especially so just tell the truth" he said and tilted his head. "Niall" I groaned. "Okay it's one of three things. 1 you're super sick and about to die 2 you have nerves about something or 3 which is most likely in my mind right now is that you're pregnant  "Shhh Niall" I said and covered his mouth he pulled my ear to his mouth "So you're pregnant" he said and then smirked I nodded, Niall's face lit up like a bloody Christmas tree. "Just go Niall"  said and shoved him laughing, he smiled and then put his hand on my stomach "I'm not positive Niall" I said softly staring at his hand "Is that where Cam went?" he asked and then looked at me "Yea" "Well keep me informed" Niall said jumping up and joyfully walking to the door "Just call me uncle Nialler" he said and opened the door "Bye Niall" I said and he left. 


"I'm back" Cambree sung shaking a brown bag. "God Cambree just give me the tests" I said and stood up almost falling over if Cambree hadn't caught me, "Well someone needs some balance lessons" Cambree said and laughed "Shut up" I said and grabbed the bag, she followed me to the bathroom and then I closed the door in her face "God, Cambree I don't want to pee on a sick in front of you" I said Cambree laughed "Sometimes I wonder who is older" she said walking away. "Can you please just let me pee on this stick in peace?" I asked pulling my sweats down and sitting on the toilet. "I could but that would be no fun" she said. I heard a door open then slam shut "Bad day?" Cambree asked "You could not imagine, love where is Bethany?" "Peeing, talk to me what happened." I quickly took the last three tests and then laid them out on the counter. I locked the bathroom door and then sat on the counter and tried to listen to Harry and Cambree's conversation. "Well maybe it's not for them to tell you?" Cambree asked him "I feel like Bethany is hiding something from me but only me...and everyone else knows." I could feel Harry's anger and his sorrow from here. "She isn't and if she was I bet she would tell you" Cambree said louder so I would hear. I jumped off of the counter and looked to the tests. "Hey CAMBREE" I yelled, I heard the pat of her feet on the hardwood as she ran to the door "Yea Bethany...Can I come in?" "Um, no I just need to tell you that I need a bit more time..." "No problem" Once I knew she was gone I broke down. I was so scared what if I was pregnant and Harry didn't want one yet? What if he wasn't ready? What if I'm not ready? "Bethany love it's Harry." he said knocking on the bathroom door softly "Can I please help you?" "Oh Harry I'm fine just taking care of business" I said staring intently at the tests and silently allowing tears to fall. "See I told you she is fine" Cambree said "Bee come on" Harry pleaded "Just 5 more minuets please Harry" I said and then Harry slammed his hands on the door "Just call me when you have enough time for your husband" he said and stomped away.

"Harry" I shouted. I looked back to the counter and saw that all the tests were positive...great. I opened the door and pushed pass Cambree to the front door, I opened it and saw Harry getting into his car. I waved my first test and mouthed 'I'm sorry' tears streaming down my face I slumped to the cold concrete. Cambree came running to me and looked at me "Positive now?" she asked "Now is not the time for jokes" I said through tears "Sorry" she said sitting next to me. Harry still sitting in his car I stood up and retreated back to the couch. "HARRY!" Cambree yelled stomping out of my sights. "YOU ARE THE WORST! GO TALK TO HER!" she screamed I bet the whole neighborhood could hear her "HARRY! SERIOUSLY SHE NEEDS YOU!" I heard a car door slam shut and then Harry mumbling. I sat on the couch curled up in a ball holding the one test in my hand staring at it. "Bethany" Harry said softly "What is that?" he asked staring at me from the front door. "A surprise" I said and smiled trying to lighten the mood Harry sighed and then sat next to me. When he realized what it was his eyes grew wide and a small smile crept on his face. "Harry" I said softly. "I'm pregnant" I said looking at him, worry clearly written on my face. "Is this what you were hiding?" Harry asked smiling I nodded. "I wanted to be sure" I said putting my hands on his thigh, "Bethany this is great" he said and hugged me "Great?" I said confused "It's perfect we get to be parents" Harry said hugging me tightly and kissing my ear and head basically anything he could get his lips on. "I love you" I said crying "Babe don't cry, this is perfect it's amazing" Harry said rubbing my back "I thought you didn't want one" I said sobbing "I was so afraid Harry." "Why?" "Because what if you didn't want the baby or want to start a family yet." "Bee of course I want to start a family and with you, I want this baby." "I don't even know if I'm ready" Harry looked at me and smirked "Well Bethany of course you're not but I'm not either, but together we can prepare each other er um well that sounds weird" "Harry just shut up" I said and hugged him "Either way we can do this together" I said into his ear. "Congrats now stop having your little whatever in front of me and take it up stairs" Cambree said. We all started laughing and then Cambree but in a movie.

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