I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


10. Missing you


I woke up to a plate of food on the end table. I sat up and ate it then went into the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth, then went back and laid in bed. There wasn't any point to doing things during the day anymore. I heard the door creek open and then James walked in. I closed my eyes to pretend like I was asleep, but he knew me too well. "Bethy can you go out with me today?" he asked moving my hair out of my face I shook my head and closed my eyes again preventing tears from escaping. James sighed and then got up and left "So you're just going to lay here?" I nodded "There is nothing else to do I want to be alone" I said and then rolled over I heard him sigh again and leave then I let the tears roll out. I sobbed for at least 10 minuets before I couldn't cry anymore. I wiped my face again and then closed my eyes to fall asleep again.


Eleanor's P.O.V

"Sorry James" I said as James left "It's fine I'll be back tomorrow" he said and left I sighed and picked up Lucas. I set him out on the floor with his sister and they played with her. I sighed and then Louis came and sat next to me. "Did she eat?" he asked I shrugged and leaned into him "I'll check in a second" I said and wiped my tear "You were there Lou why didn't Harry answer?" I asked "I don't know...I think he was just being his cocky self but let it go on for too long." Lou answered. I sighed and got up "I'm going to check on her" I said and pointed to the room. I walked up the stairs and into the room. She was sleeping but she didn't have her normal smile when she slept but more of a frown and the tears still came out of her eyes. "Awh baby" I said softly and then grabbed the plate and kissed her forehead and left. I went into the kitchen and washed the dishes. "She ate" I said to Lou who was heating up a bottle. "Good" he said and then left. I sighed I feel so bad for her she really loved him and Harry just let his ego get in the way. I walked out and sat on the couch next to Louis "What do we do?" he asked "Just let her be" I said and then leaned into Lou and watched the kids play.


Bethany's P.O.V

I woke up again with food sitting to me. I ate it and then drank the milk, I sighed and got up and washed my face and brushed my teeth. I checked my phone and there was 103 missed calls from Harry and a bunch of texts I looked at the twitter feed and it was exactly what I expected a bunch of mentions like why would you break Harry and see they weren't meant to be. I looked at Harry's last tweet from 2 days ago @Harry_Styles: Please leave Bethany alone she has the right to be mad   "DAMN RIGHT I DO!" I yelled and fell to my knees "Why didn't you just answer the question?" I asked softly and then cried into my hands. "Bethany" I heard El say as she ran into the room. "I'm fine El just go" I said and shooed her but she didn't budge "Please El just leave me be" I sobbed "Bethany he just let his ego get in" "El I don't care we were engaged! He was still having second thoughts about getting with another girl. If Lou did that what would you do" I yelled "I don't know" she said and turned and left "Sorry Bethany" she said as she closed the door. I screamed and kicked the wall, I walked into the bathroom and took grabbed my makeup bag. I searched through it until I found the blade. I took it to my right wrist and cut 3 times. I sighed and held it over the sink. "What get's you here Bethany?" I asked myself and held a paper towel to my wrist then I went back into the bed and covered my face. I remeber when Harry would come and pull the covers off and his soft lips would connect to mine. I closed my eyes and sighed sleep is the only thing that helps. I thought and fell asleep.


I rolled over and there was yet another plate of food. I reluctantly ate it and then got up. I went into the bathroom and decided to shower I showered and then got out and looked at my wrist. I took out my make up and put some on and then went into my room. I picked out a long sleeve black v-neck and some plain blue jeans and grabbed my blanket and the plate and walked out and downstairs into the kitchen. I washed my plate and then saw El sitting at the table "Sorry about yesterday" I said and she hugged me "It's fine I'm glad you came out of that room." she said "Yea well I'm going back in" I said and broke out of her hug. I went back upstairs and laid down. I heard a door open and close and I assumed it was El leaving or Lou coming back. I walked out of my room silently and heard El talking "She's been in there for 3 days...she needs to come out..." I heard her sob a bit and then she continued "You need to apologize do something Harry" Harry....Harry was here. I felt more tears and then I sobbed and they turned and looked at me. I stood there and cried "Bethany" Harry managed to say I turned and went back into the room. I went to lock the door but El took the locks off cause of the kids. I rolled my sleeves up and looked at my bloody wrist. I made a hissing noise at the pain. I knelt on the ground and let the tears hit my wrist making it sting. Then the door opened and Harry stood before me. He was looking so perfect like nothing happened he was perfect I did miss him. I followed his eyes which were on my wrist "Harry...it" I started to say and covered my wrist he knelt down in front of me and gently pulled my arm back in front of him he looked at me and then to my wrist "I'm so sorry" he said and softly traced the cuts with his fingers. "Harry" I said and he looked at me "Did you go and sleep with someone?" I asked. He shook his head "I didn't even leave the flat" he told me "I should've answered...I would never ever think of anyone else you're all I think about..I could never have feelings for someone else" Harry said and then dropped my wrist. "Please come back to me Bethany" Harry said and looked at me his eyes watery. He never cries.

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