I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


19. Let's Go

Liam and I made our way to the dance floor a little behind Harry. Liam and I danced and laughed I put my hands on Liam's shoulders and then swayed with the rhythm. "So Bethany, are you planning on going somewhere after this?" Liam asked smiling "Yea Harry and I were planning on going to his flat to continue the night but um looks like he has got a new chicka" I said jokingly looking at Harry with the group of girls "Harry would never leave you" I nodded my head.  Then I made eye contact with Harry and smirked, Harry shook his head and laughed. "Harry spotted us" I said looking at Liam. "Well if he wants you he can come and get you" Liam smirked and then put his hands on my hips "Okay." I said jokingly and as if on cue Harry's hands showed up on Liam's "Mate, get off" he said and smiled. Liam laughed and then hugged me goodbye. Harry took Liam's place but pulled me closer leaving no room for air in between our bodies. "Did you get tired of those girls and had to come back to me?" I asked tilting my head "Oh them they are nothing, just old friends." "You like to be that close to old friends?" Harry groaned and rolled his eyes "Babe we just got married I'm not looking for anyone else" I smiled and then kissed him "I love you Haz" he smiled and then hugged me "You're the only one that I love." 


*2 months later*

"I don't want anything to do with her Perrie" I said "Maybe there is more behind it?" Perrie suggested "Um I'm pretty sure it's not just a thing Per! She kissed him and then said it was his fault" I argued "Cassie made a mistake. Bethany, we have all made mistakes." "It's done Perrie if you want to be on her side then fine but we all know she was wrong" I said and pointed to the rest of the people that were with us. Eleanor and Dani both were quiet through this whole thing, along with Cambree.

Cambree was this girl who I met through actually Harry. They were on tour and I was walking around New York and found her, I guess I kind of adopted her but she was 18 and said her mom kicked her out. Cambree was like my sister but my daughter at the same time. I filed a missing person report but in the past month or so nothing has came up, and Cambree said she wanted to stay with me or us so I let her. I don't think there was anything illegal about it and if her mom wanted her back then she would have to go back but to my knowledge Cambree's mom was a crack addict and an alcoholic.

"Perrie just drop it how would you feel if someone who you though was your friend kissed your husband?" Eleanor asked, Perrie didn't answer...that was all that I needed. She finally came around. "I'm sorry Bee, I get it." she said softly not wanting to admit her defeat "Thanks sorry about the altercation but I think it was needed" I said sliding out of the booth. Cambree followed close behind me "Bye guys We will see you tonight at the white party?" I asked they all nodded and then we waved goodbye and left. "So cam you still want to go to Cheer tonight instead of the party?" I said sarcastically knowing that cheer was her new passion and she put pretty much everything before cheer "Yea Bethany of course! I'll still be at your little party don't worry" Cambree said "Promise?" I asked looking away from the road for a second "Yea 100%" she said and smiled at me. With everything that Cambree has been through she is still an amazing person and she always has a smile. I pulled up to Harry and my new house Cambree ran up to her room to change for cheer and I went and sat on the couch. Harry was off at rehearsals and said he would be home by 5. "Cam you're going to be late" I shouted and then Cambree came running down the stairs and out the door. I laughed and then followed her out.

"You're getting a ride home with Kim right?" I asked as she got out of the car "Yea don't worry Bethany I'll be home by 8" I nodded and then she closed the door and went into the gym. It always made me so nervous that I wouldn't see her again like she was going to leave, I don't know what I would do. I walked back into the house and the caterers and planner was there setting up. "Oh god" I said knowing I was late "No need to worry babe, You go get ready" my party planner said I nodded and then kissed his cheeks "Oh thank you" I said and ran up the stairs. Harry and I were throwing a white party to break in our new house and I couldn't be more stressed about it. I ran up to my room and then quickly undressed. I ran to the wardrobe and grabbed my white lace dress, I have a small addiction to lace and dresses. I quickly zipped up my dress and put on my white leather pumps to match, "Jesus" I said as I looked in the mirror, I quickly fixed up my make up and then curled my hair just a little bit more. I ran down stairs and then said hi to Pearl who was looking on to all the chaos going on in the back yard. "Beautiful Beautiful Darling" Jack said as I walked down the porch stairs, "Thank you babe" I said and hugged him. "Any sign of Harry?" I asked him as he toured me around the house explaining the set up, "No no sorry honey" he said as we entered the kitchen. "The food is good" one of the chefs said handing me a small plate of samples I quickly tried a bite of each one and then nodded and handed her the plate back "Great" I said as Jack pulled me out of the kitchen. "Okay Love last is the pool and garden area we lit it up  blue, pink and orange" I nodded him leading me through the garden and to the pool "Oh my goodness" I stood speechless. There was a stage with a DJ table and then a bar and all around there were twinkle lights strung. "This is perfect" I said covering my mouth. "I'm so glad you like it, there is much to do though so I'm busy busy busy" Jack said as he left me. 

I walked back into the kitchen and there was Harry being consumed by the cooks feeding him, I laughed and he shrugged. "May I steal my husband for a quick second?" I asked wrapping my hand around his bicep. "You both like?" she asked "Yea it's perfect" I said and took a bite of something off of Harry's plate. They laughed and then I took Harry up into our room. "You look very nice" Harry said and kissed me. "And you look cute but need to get cracking on that suit babe" I said pulling his jacket off, followed by his shirt. "Are you going to help?" Harry asked biting his lip and looking down on me. I rolled my eyes and then walked over to the wardrobe "Here" I said and handed him jeans and a white button up. "Now you look nice" I said and smiled

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