I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


9. Interview

Before we went in I pulled Niall into the family bathroom and locked the door. Niall looked confused so I hugged him "Nialler guess what?" I said excitedly "Uhh what?" I took his hand and he looked at me, "Guess" he looked me and then looked at me up and down before stopping at my hand. He looked back up at me with wide eyes "He didn't" he said and looked at the ring I looked at his quiff which kept hitting my nose every time he looked down. "So you're going to marry him?" Niall asked "No I'm going to leave him" I said sarcastically and he rolled his eyes "We can talk more later but congrats" he said and kissed me, the kiss only lasted less than half of a second but it was still weird "Uhh Niall" I said really confused "Sorry I'm just so excited for you and a hug wasn't enough" he said...I could understand that but at the same time I was engaged he can't just kiss me. He walked out of the bathroom dragging me behind him. I stood in the corner and leaned against the wall. I watched as Niall patted Harry on the back and then sat next to him. I rolled my eyes and flashed Harry a smile. He smiled and then the interview started. It was awkward because all the questions they were asking were about the new album and relationships and kids. "Louis you have 2 kids right?" "Yea I do" "Is it hard being away from them?" "Yea I definatly think it's more than hard I mean I've missed a lot of their growing up so far." I laughed  I had basically taken the role of the husband in El's relationship when Lou was gone. Then they moved on to Harry, "So still with the same girl are we Harry?" they said I laughed "No I'm just a stalker in the corner" I said softly "Yea I am" he said I was completely unsure if he was going to announce the engagement or not. "He better be with her for the rest of his life" Louis piped in. I laughed and then the interviewer turned "Is that her?" he asked and Harry nodded and bit his lip and did his little hair flip thing. 

"So the fans want to know if someone else came along...that you suddenly had these new feelings for would you leave her?" I looked at Harry and waved my finger slyly in the air. "He better not" Niall said and glared at him "Why can't he? It's his decision" the interviewer argued "Can I just say something" Lou said leaning up to the mic. "If Harry dared to leave her now then I wouldn't look at him the same." "Why is that?" "Because you don't get engaged and leave" Louis said snappy and then leaned back and glared at Harry. But Harry just shrugged and All the boys looked at me and I felt the tears threaten to come out. "Think before you act Harry" I said and walked out tears coming down my face. I pushed through the fans that were yelling rude things and the security led me to a taxi. I got in and they knew where to take me. I ignored every call that I was getting and then slammed the door. I sat on the couch and took off my ring and set it on the coffee table. Harry called and I answered 

'What Harry?!' I yelled through my tears

'Babe you didn't let my answer the question'

'You couldn't because I know that you weren't ready to take this step Harry...I'm leaving the ring on the counter and leaving. So now you can fuck any girls you want and wont have to worry about me'

'Bethany do-' I hung up the phone and packed up my things then my mom called.

'Bethany I listened to the radio...I didn't know you were engaged'

'Mum I know it happened last night but Harry wasn't ready for that step so I told him we needed to take a break...I think that he rushed it because obviously he couldn't say that he would deny some girl if he felt something" I said and wiped my face

'Honey, maybe he is just confused I mean if he just proposed then maybe it's still fresh in his mind'

'Mum you don't just have second guesses about the girl you've been dating for 3 years and just proposed to' I said getting angry

'Bethany I just don't know I mean he sounded upset after you left the interview. He sounded close to tears.' 

'Mum I made my decision I'm going to give him space to think and if he still wants to be with me then we can talk about it. But the problem is that he couldn't honestly say that if he had some type of feelings with a girl then he would deny them and stay with me... he would get with her and then come back to me maybe' I yelled

'Just come here and talk to me baby please. You need your mum'

'No I'm going somewhere else. I just want to be alone.' I said and hung up.

I grabbed my keys and my two duffle bags, my backpack and my purse then opened the door and there stood Harry. "Move" I said but he wouldn't budge "HARRY!" I yelled and cried I sobbed and put my head down "Please move Harry" I said through my sobs "Stay" he said but I ignored him "Bethany I'm sorry" "Sorry doesn't cut it" I said and finally pushed past him "Take care of the animals Harry" I said and then started running. I heard Harry slam the door and I just kept running down the stairs. I got into my car and drove to El's I didn't know where else to go. I got to El's and grabbed my shit then tripped and fell. I let the tears roll down my face and then I picked myself up and walked to the door. I rang the doorbell and almost instantly answered the door. "The bed is made up for you" she said and hugged me she took my bag up to my room and then sat on my bed "I'm here to talk when you're ready" I nodded and watched as she left. I took off my clothes and put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and put my hair up in a bun. I plugged my phone in and set in in the corner where it wouldn't bother me then I shut the light off and laid in bed. I slowly fell asleep.

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