I'll be yours (Completed)

Sequel to You're my Princess: Bethany has finally found the one. She loves Harry and Harry loves her. The only problem is that Bethany's past keeps coming back to her and she can't help but break down. Her mum is back and in her life but when her dad wants back in will she let him? Can Bethany start a life with Harry or will she get too caught up in the past? Does someone else have feelings for Bethany? Where is her life going?


12. If you say so

I put my hands on the nape of Harry's neck and kissed his upper lip. Harry put his hand to my lower back and pulled me to him he forced his hips to mine and forcing me to sway my hips. I looked up at him his dark brown curls covering his eyes I pushed him away because I wanted to go say hi to people but Harry just pulled me closer. "Harry I want to go talk to people" I said and put my hand to his chest to prevent me from coming any closer I saw Harry look over my shoulder and then smiled. He flipped me around to see everyone else doing the exact same thing as Harry and I...off in their own little worlds. Harry put his hands on my hips and pulled my bum into his hips. I shrugged and grinded into him I heard a husky moan come from behind me and Harry pulled me all the way into his chest so there was no space for air in between us. I felt Harry's bulge go in between my bum I rolled my head back onto Harry's chest "I want you so bad baby" Harry said into my ear. "Mmhmm" I said and grinded harder into him. Harry put his hand on my thigh and tried to raise my dress up I grabbed at the hem of my dress and pulled it down "Harry" I said he laughed and then flipped me around "I'm going to find somewhere more private" Harry said he pointed to the seat next to Niall for me to sit. I turned and started to walk but then when Harry left I spun around and decided to look around the club. I pushed through the sweaty bodies and made my way to the middle I looked around and didn't see anyone I knew so I turned to walk back but someone grabbed my wrist. I flipped and was pulled into someone. I thought it would've been Harry but I looked up and saw a towering guy with brown surfer hair. He grinded into me and I pushed on his chest "Dance with me" he said and I shook my head no and tried to push him away. He put his hand on my bum and squeezed it, I jumped and he took that opportunity to pull me closer to him. 

"Get off" I said and tried to push him away, I felt his muscles tense up as he laughed he squeezed me and then went down to my neck. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I said and tried to pry his lips off of my neck. I held my hand with the ring on it in front of his face but he shrugged and went back to attacking my neck. "Please" I said. His big hands pushed into my lower back pushing me to him and still had my hand on his chest trying to push away. He was so much stronger than me and made it difficult. "What's a pretty lady like you got going on tonight" He asked and then trailed his kisses up to my jaw line "Stop" I said and punched his chest. He laughed and then took my forearm into his hand and pulled me through the crowd. Before I knew it the cold winter air was hitting my face "Stop my friends will be wondering where I am" I said "Then let them wonder" He said and then smirked at me his face was completely terrifying in this light. The way the light of the street lights hit his cheek bones and lit them up and his eyes were dark blue making the fear grow in me. He pulled my to the side of the club and pushed me up against the wall. I looked away from him looking at the passing cars his hot lips connected to my skin again I pushed at his chest and tried to push him away but he just came closer to me. "Get away seriously" I yelled and shoved his face away digging my nails into his cheeks. He whimpered in pain then smiled at me I could smell the liquor in his breath. He went back to sucking on my neck I took my hand and wrapped it around his bicep and then dug my nails into it making him pull away in pain. I watched him pull his hand back and then he brought it to my face full force. I cried out in pain and he smirked "Don't try and hurt me." he said and then kissed my lips I slapped him and wiped his taste off of my lips. He laughed again and then punched me sending me hurling to the ground. I grabbed my face and cried "I told you not to hurt me....I can hurt you 10 times worse" he said and then pulled my face up examining the damage, he pulled me up by my shoulders and brushed me off. "Don't touch me" I said and slapped his hand away. I didn't care how many times he hit me I didn't want his lips on mine. He put his fingers on my jaw bone and sqeezed my face I winced in pain and closed my eyes "I hurt you bad" he said and traced the small blood coming from my lip. "What kind of guy does this?" I asked and shoved his hand back off of me he smirked and kissed my cheek "STOP!" I screamed and he chuckled "Where are you're friends now princess?" he said and kissed my lips. I shoved him off with all of my strength and tried to make a run for it but I felt his long fingers wrap around my wrist again "HARRY!" I yelled and then I felt the cold ground make contact to my body. "HARRY PLEASE" I yelled now fearing for my life as he picked me up and shoved me against the wall. 

I wiggled the best I could so that he couldn't completely grab onto me. "You're boyfriend or whatever isn't coming for you" He said and then pushed himself against me. "Harry" I whimpered and then I looked back at the street and saw a figure standing. "Harry" I said but the figure kept walking past. I sighed and he laughed "See I told you" He reached to wipe my tears but I punched him as hard as I could...which for me wasn't very hard he laughed "I don't want to hurt you" I turned my head away in fear and I remembered my dad and how he used to do this. Before I knew it his fist made contact with my face and again I fell to the ground holding my face and sobbed he put his foot on my face and shoved my face to the ground. The pain was worse than normal and the cold breeze didn't help. "Are you going to listen?" he asked I struggled for breath as the cold not helping. I pulled in all the breath I could and screamed. "BETHANY!" I heard someone yell "You're name is Bethany?" he said shoving my face harder into the ground "HARRY!" I screamed again and closed my eyes "Can you just shut up" he said and then I felt his foot leave my face. I opened my eyes and saw the guy shoved against the wall and then I felt pressure on my fore arm and I scooted away "Babe it's me" Harry said and knelt down to me. My waterworks show started and then I couldn't stop it. Harry helped me to my feet and then pushed me behind him, the drunk guy stumbled to his feet and then smirked at me Harry pushed me further behind his back. I looked up to Harry and he was towering even over this guy. "Bee leave" he said and tried to push me away. I gripped the fabric of his shirt in my fingers and shook my head "No" I said and Harry turned and looked at me his eyes were dark and filled with anger. He grabbed my shoulders and squeezed them "Bethany go find Niall"  I looked at him my tears streaming I shook my head but Harry grabbed my face and squeezed my jaw I whimpered in pain "Ow" I said softly Harry's grip didn't loosen "Go" he said and threw my face away from him. I jumped into him and wrapped my arms around him "I love you Haz" I said and he put his face into my hair "I love you to Bethany" he said and kissed my head. 

I turned and ran to the end of the ally way. I heard a crash and turned sharply to see Harry hitting this guy pinning him against the wall. I watched as the life was slowly beaten out of this guy. "HARRY" I yelled and he looked at me, he looked back at the guy and then dropped him "Leave her alone" Harry said then guy looked at him and smirked I ran back half way to Harry then the guy spoke "Don't worry I'll see you later Bethany" he said and laughed Harry turned and lunged at him. I ran and grabbed Harry's shoulders and he kept hitting the guy "Harry stop" I yelled and then he threw me off of him my body slammed to the other wall in the narrow ally and I screamed in pain. Harry turned and looked at me his face drained out the anger and then filled with worry. "Bee I'm so sorry" he said and knelt down in front of me bringing my face up to his. "It's fine Harry let's go" I said and brought myself to my feet "Bethany I'm really sorry" he said and his eyes were tearing up I straighten out my dress and then wiped myself off not wanting him to realize that he hurt me. I knew he didn't mean to he was just trying to protect me. Harry pulled me to him and I winced but didn't let him notice "I'm fine Harry" I said and smiled even though my body ached. "Do you want to go home?" Harry asked I looked at him and shook my head "We shouldn't ruin their night" I said as we approached the front of the club. "If you say so" Harry said and intertwined our fingers. He pulled me through the crowd every time I slipped out of his grasp he shoved everyone out of the way and took me back into his grasp. 

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