Love Changes You

Hey I am Regina. I live in London with my boyfriend Matt and find out really good but also bad news!!!


6. Was this the right thing to do?

I walked up to Zayn and suddenly i kissed him. I didn't wanted to. As i wanted to push back , he just put his arms on my hips and pulled me closer. This kiss was like one i never had befor. I was dreaming!

*Back to reality*

Zayn started shouting my name and i awake from my nice daydream. But i just ran home. i know i am a drama queen! but i had too , it was the only thing i could do since i was so confused because i didn't want to have feelings for him. Noo Noo Noo!!! I heard a door smash behind me and Zayn came. I couldtell easily he was mad. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" he shouted in my face. "I-I-" i got cut off. "DON'T YOU KNOW I DID THIS ALL FOR YOU? DON'T YOU KNOW THAT!" he shouted much louder almost blasting my ear with that kind of volume. But as i heard those words i started looking at him with a stupid face. " Do u know i really like you...and i started fancying u and i dont want it since i knew it would never end well!" I said and tears came floding out of my eyes. My view was blurry and i felt a hug from behind. It made me calm down. He started whispering in my ear "i love you,Gina. but its hard to do that if i still am in a relationship!". As i heard those words i had to cry more since i knew i would never have the chance to be together with him.

Zayn's POV.

I held her in my arms and i am not lieing , i liked it. She was so nice. But i really didn't know what to do. Should i take her or Perrie?
I slowly faced her and stared into her nice eyes. Theý were filled with tears which made me cry too. That was the sign. She was the one for me.

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