Love Changes You

Hey I am Regina. I live in London with my boyfriend Matt and find out really good but also bad news!!!


8. vale is coming!

Today was the dayy that Valerie would come i was so happy! Natii got together with Harry since now it was after 3 month and me and zayn, well it wasn't that great of a situation but well friends first :) ! As she came she fell in our arms and soon enough i saw her kissing liam!!! WTF!! They had a relationship without me knowing! Kaii...Chikiin! Dis na be bad (this is bad)!!! I said i had to go to the toilet! So they all nodded their heads and i left to find the toilet! Then i got hit...


as i came to myself i was sittig on a chair. my mouth was covered with ducktape and my hands were tide to the chair. The rope was really thin, so i shouldnt move or i would cut myself. The room was dimm and a shadow walked to me....

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