Love Changes You

Hey I am Regina. I live in London with my boyfriend Matt and find out really good but also bad news!!!


3. A bad Morning

I woke up in a room that wasn't familiar. I felt pounding in my head and i had a serious headache. I wanted to stand up. but i couldn't. I looked around and just an inch behind me i found Matt!!! Why him? Again? 
Well i think that as i collapsed he picked me up and took me home, well to his house. I strangled to get out of his arms and got out of his house. When i was walking down the street people started looking at me weirdly. So i started to run. My appartment wasn't that far away of Matt's house so i got to my place really quickly. I heard laughing and shouting from my appartment so i rushed. And i saw Nati watching a movie. When i cacame in i told her to tell me what was wrong.Nati said " well u still remember at the club" "yeah" i said nervous."well" nati continued "one direction came in too!" she said almost shouting in my ear. "first i think you drank to much and second you are making me deaf!!" I also screamed in her ear.
"This is no lie and they gave me their numbers , well when u started fainting they did! Zayn actually worried about you but Matt just took you up and left with you!" Natii said with a huge grin on her face.
"And they are coming over in 1 hour" Nati said while she blasted with exitment. With these few words i ran upstairs to get a shower and then finally wore my hot pants which was up to my belly botton and a shirt that reached to the end of my bust. I took some bangles and put on some flats. As i finished i went to the bathroom and did my make up! Nati got finished too. I heard a knock om the door!! OMG!!!

<< Hey I am just saying in the next chapter it will get kind of exciting so keep reading thx guys!>>

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