Love Changes You

Hey I am Regina. I live in London with my boyfriend Matt and find out really good but also bad news!!!


7. a bad idea

Nati's POV.
Me and the other lads had a good time in my room but Louis, Liam and Niall had to go. So it was only me and Harry. We got to know each other more and later we went out.

Regina's POV.

So i guess everybody was a couple now accept for me and Zayn. That made me so sad. So i planned on going clubbing, as i always did when i got depressed or confused. And i got really drunk so everything got a big blur and i couldn't remember anything.

I woke up as always with a pounding in my head but now i was in the house of a complete stranger. "What kind of slut am I?!?!" i said to myself as i found a used condom on the floor. I dressed myself and ran faster than ever and Zayn was waiting for me infront of the house. "Wherre were you?" he asked worried.I had to lie so i said "i was at the house of my family". Then he let me enter the house. Me and the girls made breakfast since it was 7 am. My phone vibrated almost a million times so i decided to answer it. Who was it?

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