Love Changes You

Hey I am Regina. I live in London with my boyfriend Matt and find out really good but also bad news!!!


1. My Life

Hey!!My name is Regina . Since shrotly me, my family and my boyfriend and his family moved to London. Its a damn nice place here and i really enjoy it.I am a huge fan of 1D but i was also a really casual girl. Also a few friends came to London and lived in a house with only me!! Sometimes i would come back to my parents just to be reunited with them and sometimes they and Matt and his family also visited me. I was 18 now and as i walked to the magazine stand i found a magazine with the head line "Zayn and the other directioners are single". i couldn't hide a smile! I bought the magazine really fast and ran back to me and my friends apartment. As i told them the darn good news to my my friends Nati , she said "we should go clubing!!!" and after that message we ran upstairs to get ready to Party!! we came down in sexy clothes , put on our make up and left the house , happily.  We were looking for the coolest club and found a club. the name of the club said "late night". We didn't wanted to waste our time so we entered. After getting used to the nice chairs and accesories i couldn't believe what i saw! Was it him?

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