Expect the unexpected

This story is about a girl Christina who has run away from home due to her brothers that are involved in gangs and abuse her. After the death if her father everything fell apart and the person who was involved in the death of her father was someone very close to her. Someone she wouldn't expect for her to commit. Her mother. She meets zain coincidentally and they fall in love in an unexpected, cute but awkward way.
This is my first movella and I hope you like it:) btw this is based on a true story


3. Who is she?

Zayn's P.O.V
As soon as the driver took me home I straight away went to my room. The boys (Harry, Louis, Nyall, Liam) were siting and watching tv. They said hi but I waved as I was not in the mood explaining. I just wanted to open that book. I wanted to know about this amazing girl that has just kissed me. The girl of my dreams.

I closed the door with my foot, took my jacket off and sat down. I opened the diary to the first page, it felt like it was wet and dried up from before. I started reading.......

July 18th 2011,
Today, was worst day of my life, my life has no more happiness to it, all the happiness is gone. My beloved, the most closest person to me has passed away. My dad. As soon as I heard I just fainted. Not believing what has happened. Just waiting for someone to pinch me and take me out of this dream. I just can't stop crying. Tears are all over my diary right now. I knew who done it. I knew that it was my uncle and mums plan.

After my dad found out that she was cheating him for 23 years she killed him so he can't divorce her and tell her dad including all the people what she has done. So she can just seem innocent and take all his money. My dad was kind of rich, he owned a retail shop and had a large double story house. He always takes us overseas too. He has an apartment in Dubai and one in Queensland too. So she wanted to take all that because my mum brainwashed him and mad him make a will that everything that he owned after he dies will become hers.
She didn't think about what will happen to her children after she killed him. I mean what kind of mother, HUMAN BEING would even do that to her husband and children?! An all for what? MONEY!!! Eff money!! Because it can't buy family or happiness. At tat time my dad was at Africa helping the poor with my mum, uncle and Jake. Blake and I were at Australia. The so called story was that my dad was at my uncle's house and was holding a bomb. They said he was playing with it and then it exploded. And at that time uncle was outside the house to calling for help. They think that we are that dumb to believe the story. Firstly my dad was in the police force for about 17 yrs and was in the army too. I'm sure he's not that dumb to play with a bomb. Even a five year old knows what a bomb. They took thins as an advantage because Africa doesn't have much of a law.
Hate is a big word and I know what it means but I HATE HER. She's such a bitch!! I hate her so much, even when I was young she never took care of me. At school from kindergarten until year 2 I was teased because I was unhygienic. Until I taught myself to clean myself. I didn't even believe that I had a mother when I was young. She never showed me care. She never showed me love. She treats money nicer than me. I don't have a mother. I never did.

.........I can't believe what her mum has done. I'm shocked a lot on what she's gone through. How did she cope. What mother would do something like that?! And for money. All I can really say is god help her man.
I read the next page of the diary.......

July 18 2012
It's been a year I haven't write in my diary. I just wasn't well to write. Too depressed and hated life so much. I haven't confronted my mum about the fact that she killed my dad. If only I could get a good, convincing piece of evidence and catch her red handed.

It's been a year if patience, keeping everything inside. Not to mention my brothers!! Well Jake went to jail 2 months after my dad's death. But Blake was being bad, he goes out clubbing and comes home at about 4am. He's been robbing shops and killing people. And the worst thing he brings guns to the house. He hardly asks about any of us. He puts his friends before his family. But when I do something he's there to punish me but when he does anything wrong no one is there to punish him. I remember when he used to beg y dad to go out fishing with his friends and my dad takes him a while to accept. Not that my dad doesn't want him to have a social life but that he was scared that he might get influenced by the wrong people. And now look at him he's even part of gangs!! I don't know what kind of brother he is.
........ I turned to the next page still shocked at what's going on. That girl is strong because if that was me I would've committed suicide ages ago. ............
Today I got slapped out by my mum because I told Blake why he was bringing guns to the house and what are they doing here. I admit I back chatted but thats not an excuse for her to abuse me. She's been going out a lot lately like at 5am in the morning till 4pm in the afternoon. And her excuse that she was at a friends house. BULLSHIT!! I know she has been having affairs with more than one guy, I know it as a fact because I've heard her more than once talking on the phone romantically to more than one guy.
The other entries were all about her memories with her father and about her brothers how they were and are now. And by the sounds of it, her father sounds like a very good and respectable father who loved his kids. I run my fingers through my hair. She just can't get out of my mind. I think I'm falling in live with her. I don't normally believe in love at first sight but this is real.
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