Expect the unexpected

This story is about a girl Christina who has run away from home due to her brothers that are involved in gangs and abuse her. After the death if her father everything fell apart and the person who was involved in the death of her father was someone very close to her. Someone she wouldn't expect for her to commit. Her mother. She meets zain coincidentally and they fall in love in an unexpected, cute but awkward way.
This is my first movella and I hope you like it:) btw this is based on a true story


5. The unexpected coincidence

Zayn's P.O.V
Today's rehearsals were so tiring. I wasn't fully concentrated. I just couldn't get her out of my mind. I got yelled at more than once by Paul (my manager) because I wasn't taking my work seriously. But I do and he knows it. I just can't concentrate. She won't get out of my mind. I finished work at about 11pm. I went home and ate dinner. I felt like I couldn't breath so I decided to go for a drive. It's about midnight now as I'm driving. Her eyes, her lips, her face just can't get out of my mind.

Christina's P.O.V
I walk down the street. I just can't get him out of my mind. My diary! I remember. I look for it in my bag but I can't find it. As I look for it thoroughly, I cross the road as I hear a car break screech. I feel something hard hit my body and I scream in pain. I bang my head hard on the road. I see a man rushing towards me. And you won't believe who it was?..........

Zayn's P.O.V
I admit I was speeding a little, not realising what the speed limit was when I see a person crossing the road. I hit the brakes as hard as I could straight away but it didn't work. The tires screech loudly. BANG*** I just crashed someone!!! Oh my god!! Is this real or am I dreaming. Please tell me this is a dream!! I stay in the car holding the steering wheel. My body frozen not believing what I had just done. I slap myself mentally and rush outside if the car. It was a girl. Her head was tilted to the side and there was blood on the floor. She was bleeding from her head.
"Oh my god are you ok!? I have to get you to hospital!" I exclaim.
When she turned her face I couldn't believe who it was!!!

"You!" I say so surprised
"You" she says in a low voice and coughs. We both laugh but she laughs painfully.

Christina's P.O.V
"I have to get you to hospital" he says again.
"I'm fine" I state
I was in so much pain. My head was killing me. He placed his hand under my back and held my hand. He helped me up and when I stood I felt so dizzy. I let go of his hand being stubborn when I fell into his as from how dizzy I was.
"I have to take you to hospital your bleeding!" He states. I nod and he places one hand behind my back and holds my hand. He helps me to the passenger seat of the car. I get into the car and rest my head on the seat. He was so worried about me. He started speeding a lot and my eyes kept opening and closing. When everything blacks out.

Zayn's P.O.V
I had to get her to hospital as fast as I could. Her eyes kept closing and opening.
"Hey!! Stay with me!!" I exclaim. She doesn't reply. Then her eyes close for good and her head falls onto her shoulder. I speed even faster. If anything happens to her I won't ever or give myself.
I arrive to the hospital. I rush outside and open the passenger seat. There was a nurse walking.
"Excuse me!! Can you please help me?!" She nods and rushes.
I carry her and 2 nurses come pushing a bed. I place her on the bed and the nurses rush her inside. I walk fast with them pushing the bed with them. Keeping the pace with them. They put we in a room and indicate for me to stay outside. I run my hands through my hair and walk backwards and forwards.
TIME PASSES.........
The doctor comes out of the room and walks towards me.
"Is she ok doc?!" I ask curious, so worried.
"She's fine, she's just suffered a large head injury and has got some stitches. She'll be feeling dizzy or a while and might even pass out at times. So you have to take care of her and any stress can lead to severe migraines" he tells me as I listen carefully. I just had to see her.
"Can I see her please" I ask
"Well of course you can" he says with a smile.
I open the door and see her fast asleep. I sit down beside her on the bed and hold her hand. She opens her eyes.

Christina's P.O.V
I open my eyes when I see him sitting beside me holding my hand.
"What happened!" I ask
" You suffered from a head injury and got stitches" he replies.
" about the other night I'm really sorry, I-" he cuts me off and places his finger softly on my lips allowing me to shut up.
"Ssshhhhhhh, don't be, its the best thing that has ever happened to me. You don't need to explain I know everything" he says
"You do?" I ask curiously. He nods and gets his bag. He gets out a book that says 'DIARY' on it.
"My diary! H-how did you get it?" I ask very curious this time.
"When you ran off it fell out of your bag. I called out for you but you didn't hear me." He tells me. Oh my god. He knows everything. Everything about me and my family.
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