Expect the unexpected

This story is about a girl Christina who has run away from home due to her brothers that are involved in gangs and abuse her. After the death if her father everything fell apart and the person who was involved in the death of her father was someone very close to her. Someone she wouldn't expect for her to commit. Her mother. She meets zain coincidentally and they fall in love in an unexpected, cute but awkward way.
This is my first movella and I hope you like it:) btw this is based on a true story


4. Josh is a MONSTER

Christina's P.O.V
I woke up and checked the time on my phone. It was 10am. I was amazed at at how long I've slept in for. I saw a text message from Sara saying that she was out shopping with her mum for groceries. I decided to have a shower and but I didn't have clothes. Then I opened a cupboard and realised there were clothes already there. Sara's mum put new clothes in the cupboard. That is soooo sweet:). After I was done I checked if the coast was clear because I know that Josh was at home. And the worst part was that the shower was next to his room. So I tip-toed with only my towel on to my room and closed the door slowly.

Josh's P.O.V
I can't get Christina's body out of my mind. It was so sexy and perfect. I just wanted her. I had to have her. I know she wants it but she just doesn't want to show it. I heard her having a shower and get out. This is my chance. My chance for me to have her.

Christina's P.O.V
I sat down on my bed feeling a bit dizzy. The door suddenly opens opens. All I see is Josh coming in my room with an evil, pedofile look on his face.
"What are you doing in my room! Didn't you ever learn how to knock! Get out!!" I exclaim. But he closes the door behind him.
"No" he said in a calm and freaky way. His evil smirk is still on his face.

Josh's P.O.V
I finally get to see Christina and actually do it with her. I know she wants it. And no it's not rape because she wants it but she doesn't show it. "Josh get out!" she screams loudly but I take more steps closer.

Christina's P.O.V
After I screamed he didn't care, he just came closer and closer.
"Josh get out or else!" I exclaim
"Or else what?" He says in an amused tone.
"Or else I'll call the cops!" I state
"You wouldn't" he says not convinced
"Watch me!" I say. I take my phone and dial the number but he snatches the phone off me and jumps on top of me. He gives me a smirk.
"Your mine now!" He states with an overpowered voice. He held my wrists really tight. I was crying so much and fighting to get away but he was too strong.
"Help!!" I scream
"Shut up!" He demands with anger but I don't. I keep screaming and fighting back as much as I could. But he still doesn't let go.

Josh's P.OV
This girl is hard to rape. The other girls before that I have raped didn't fight as much as her. This girl is strong. I'm scared that my mum and Sara come in. I put my hand on her mouth. But she still kicks and screams.

Christina's P.O.V
He puts one hand on my mouth one hand pushing one hand down on the bed and his knee on the other. But I don't give up and still fight back. I hear a door open. It's Sara and her mum. I scream as loud as I could with his hand still on my mouth.
"Ssshhhh!" He whispers in a demand and pressures his hand on my mouth.
"Chris!" Sara calls
I scream and I can hear footsteps rushing upstairs.
The door opens with Sara and her mum shocked at what Josh is doing.
"Josh Mary Smith what the hell are you doing!!" Sara's mum screams very angrily. Josh gets off me and I start sobbing loudly. Sara comes rushing to me and gives me a big hug. I sob on her chest.
"Get out!! Your not my son!! This isn't the way I raised you!! Get out of the house and pack up all your stuff!" She screams
"Your gonna kick me out of the house because of your daughter's friend!! She wanted it!!" He screams at her and I sob even harder. I can't believe it!! What a monster!!
WACK** Sara's mum slaps Josh on the face.
"No it's you!! Now get out!!" She demands.
Josh rushes out of the room. Sara's mum comes towards me and crouches. She places her hand on my knee and I could see the tears building in her eyes.
"I'm so sorry darling" she says with a calm voice.
"It's not your fault" I say
I can't stay here though. All this trouble has happened all because of me. Ever since I set foot through that door.
"Are you ok?" She asks
I nod and look at Sara. Her face is filled with shame. I give her a hug and tell her it's ok.
Sara's mum walks out an I could hear screaming and the door slam.
"He deserves it!" Sara confesses. I remain quiet.
We stay for like about 2 hours talking and I tell her everything that happened. But I just can't stay. I can't. I won't live with it. Especially the room that I'm in, I'll have nightmares.
It's around midnight. I make sure that everyone is asleep. I get dressed and leave a note. Explaining why I went and apologising. I tip toe downstairs and open the door slowly. I step out and close the door behind me. I ask my self. Where am I going to go now?
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