Expect the unexpected

This story is about a girl Christina who has run away from home due to her brothers that are involved in gangs and abuse her. After the death if her father everything fell apart and the person who was involved in the death of her father was someone very close to her. Someone she wouldn't expect for her to commit. Her mother. She meets zain coincidentally and they fall in love in an unexpected, cute but awkward way.
This is my first movella and I hope you like it:) btw this is based on a true story


2. At my best friend's house

Christina's p.o.v
I was running full speed, scared that my brothers might see me. Jake recently came out of jail and Blake just recently got bailed out from jail so obviously they have committed a lot crimes. I mean a lot of crimes, and most of them no one knows about. If the cops new the amount of crimes they have committed, I assure you that they would be in jail for the rest of their lives. But the most unexpected situation that has ever happened to me in my life was when I kissed that that stranger. His face, his lips, they just won't get out of my mind.

I was heading to my best friends house Sara. Sara knows everything about what has happened about my brothers, my mum that has been cheating on my dad all this time and is still having affairs with more than one guy. But there's one thing that she doesn't know. She doesn't know that my dad was killed by the most closest person to me in my life, my mum.

I got there trying to catch my breath then knocked on the door. I waited for about a minute but there was no answer. I knocked again and a woman opened the door. She looked very young. I think she was Sara's auntie.
"Can I help you?", she asked on a concerned way
"Hi", I said. That's all that came out for some reason. "I-I'm Sara's friend Christina" I said.
"Nice to meet you Christina, is everything alright because it's really late right now" she said in a concerned tone with a very puzzled look.
"Well I-I-I honestly.........ran away from home and was wonder-" she cut me off. Tears were forming in my eyes.

"Come well talk inside hun, it's cold outside ill make you a cup of hot chocolate" she said and gave me a welcoming smile.

I felt so embarrassed, I have never been put on this position before.
"Mum!!", a girl said.
It was Sara I knew it. Wait a minute 'Mum'. Huh? I thought she was her auntie. Wow she looks very young. Sara is my age 19.
Sara came down the steps quickly as she went slower when she saw me.
"Christina!" She said with a very joyful tone and suddenly rushed downstairs. She gave me a tight welcoming hug. I couldn't breathe.
We all sat on the couch and Sara's mum got up,
"I'm gonna go and make the hot chocolate" she said.
I nodded with a very embarrassed face and my eyes on the ground.
"Are you ok?" She asked. I didn't answer. Tears were forming again in my eyes.
She came closer to me. "Don't tell me your brothers-?" She whispered. I nodded and tears started streaming down my face.
Sara's mum came with the hot chocolate and served it to us.
"Mum can Christina stay with us sor a while, while she sorts everything out?" Sara asked her mum with a puppy face.
"Well of course she can" Sara's mum said with a pilot voice
"We have a spare room that you can use" Sara's mum said
"Here I'll show you the way" Sara insisted.
"Thank you so much Ms.Smith I don't know how ill repay you" I said so embarrassed.
"It's nothing honey your like my daughter now". She stated with a nice smile on her face.

Sara lead me to my room when her brother popped up in the hallway. He looked like he was in his 20's and was medium built. He had a surprised look on his face but was kind of checking me out too. He gave me that weird pedofile look. Sara cleared her throat.
"Oh.......(cleared his throat) hi um, my name is Josh, I'm nineteen and single" he said in a corny voice and winked at me. He put out his hand for me to shake. I took it straight away.
"That's good for you" I stated and gave him a dirty look. I walked right passed him and went straight to my room. Well Sara didn't tell me where the room was but I knew it because it was empty with no clothes.

Sara's P.O.V
When Christina put Josh down like that I fell so damb good. I gave him that in your face and stick my tongue out at him. When I went to see Christina I saw her fast asleep and so I closed the light and door slowly.

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