Forever Apart

Addison never wanted to fall in love... Even the term sounds scary, 'falling' in love was not on her list of priorities. She was perfectly fine with being alone... Until she stumbled into a smart, strong-willed boy, Chase, who was out for her heart. Rules are broken and promises are made, but will they end up forever apart?


8. Chapter 7

I woke to the familiar hum of my phone, vibrating violently against the white bedside table. The tone was my favourite song, Pretty Eyes by Alex Goot, as an unknown number flashed on the screen. I answered it, hoping it was Chase.

"Hello?" I answered sleepily, sitting up and rubbing my eyes.

"Hi," Chase laughed, "did I wake you?"

"Just a little." I admitted, giggling. God, how did he have this affect on me? I never giggled.

"Can I make it up to you?" He offered.

"How?" I asked suspiciously.

"I thought we could go to Hyde park, have a picnic... maybe go to my place and have a movie marathon." He laughed.

"Ok, sounds great." I smiled.

"Awesome. Well, I'll let you get ready, and come to your flat at 12.30?" He said.

I looked at the alarm clock on the table, it was 10. I can't believe I slept in so late. A noise from the other end snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Uh, yeah that sounds good." I said.

"Cool. Talk to you soon beautiful." He smirked.

"Talk to you soon." I blushed.

I hung up and put my iPhone back in it's place carefully. I looked around my room and huffed. I liked my room, with it's romantic light pinkish-cream walls, the antique white furniture, the fairy lights laced along the curtain rods. My desk was where I spent most of my time, I am much better at analysing art than actually doing it, but I still love drawing. Many drawings and quotes were stuck to the walls, filling the room with colour.

I finally decided it was time to get ready. I went downstairs and made myself a light breakfast, knowing I would be having lunch soon. I sat down at the table and forced myself to eat the yogurt and fruit sitting infront of me, as I hadn't eaten in days. I've always had a bad relationship with food, but no one else knew that.

I went upstairs to the bathroom to have a shower. I stepped inside, shutting the door behind me. The bathroom was mint green in colour, and had white tiles. It was abnormally cold, even for England, and it sent a shiver through my body. As I undressed I was met with a horrific and all-to-familiar sight. Years of pain and regret had lead me to this point. I shook my head, almost willing away the memories, and stepped inside the shower.

After I was dressed and ready, exactly at 12.30, the doorbell rang.

"Coming!" I yelled running downstairs.

I ran to the door, grabbing my bag on the way. I smiled, ready for an awesome day.

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