Forever Apart

Addison never wanted to fall in love... Even the term sounds scary, 'falling' in love was not on her list of priorities. She was perfectly fine with being alone... Until she stumbled into a smart, strong-willed boy, Chase, who was out for her heart. Rules are broken and promises are made, but will they end up forever apart?


6. Chapter 5

I woke up slowly, my head nuzzling into my soft pillow. I smiled and fluttered my eyes, relishing in the comfortable fabric that surrounded my body. The duvet, soft pink in colour, was up to my neck, and made me warm on this particularly chilled morning. It was ten o'clock! I had an hour to get ready and walk to Trafalgar Square. I quickly ran into the bathroom and had a shower, the freezing water instantly alerting my senses. I dressed and applied makeup, then ran down the street as fast as my legs could carry me.

As I neared our meeting place, hundreds of things flew through my mind at a impossible speed. 

"You shouldn't do this. He could hurt you. Don't get close. But he's so nice." I found myself arguing with my conscience, even whispering to shut up at times. I finally arrived at the fountain in the square, only a few minutes late. He was sitting there. Perfect. He was twiddling his thumbs, a nervous look on his face. Why was he nervous, did he think I wouldn't show?

"Hey." I smiled. He instantly glanced up, his green eyes shining.

"Hey yourself." He said, standing up.

"You look beautiful today Addison." He commented, looking into my eyes. I started blushing, why did he have this effect on me? He must of realised because he laughed and took my hand, entwining his fingers with mine.

"Come on, let's go." He said. I smiled as we walked to a beautiful small cafe. There were only three other people, so it was quiet... and romantic.

"So, tell me about you," He said, helping me into the chair, "I want to know everything."

"Ok." I laughed once he sat down. 

"Favourite colour?" He asked.

"Umm... Turquoise."

"Favourite song?"

"Believe it or not... A-Team by Ed Sheeran." I answered. He looked down, grinning.

"Why do you have a funny accent?"

"Oh," I laughed, "I moved to London a year ago from Australia. My sixteenth birthday actually."

"Do you live with your parents?"

My breath hitched, and my heart beat fast. I debated with myself whether or not I should tell him. I paused before deciding to tell him the truth.

"Umm no, actually. My parents died when I was four. My older brother, my parents, and I... we were all in a car crash. I was the only one who survived."

A single tear slid down my cheek, and more threatened to spill. I looked down, hoping to conceal my emotions from this perfect stranger, but before I could wipe it away, he brought his hand to my face, the pad of his thumb gently removing the tear from my blushing cheek. I finally looked at him, not expecting what I saw. His eyes were wet and full of compassion and empathy.

"I know it's no consolation, but I'm sorry." He whispered.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and smiled.

"So what was the next question?" I asked, smirking.

"You're amazing, you know that?" He laughed, shaking his head.

I know he laughed it off, but I really took that to heart. I beamed.

"Well, Chase, know you everything about me but I know nothing about you," I stated, "Your turn for twenty questions."

He smiled, waiting for me go on.

"How old are you?" I asked.


After a coffee and thirty minutes of un-needed questions, I looked at him.

"I can't be bothered asking questions," I laughed, "Why don't you tell me yourself?"

"Ok." He grinned.

"Well, I grew up in Brighton with my mum and two sisters Emilia and Rosie, I have a puppy named coco-pops, I moved to London to pursue a singing career, and I believe in fairies."

I laughed at the last one. I looked at him, studying his face. His perfect dark blonde hair, his green eyes that shone like the stars, his gorgeous smile that made me melt. How could someone be so incredible, so amazing. Like Prince Charming. Too bad I didn't believe in fairytales.

"Stare much." He laughed, breaking my thoughts.

"S-sorry." I stuttered, clearly embarrassed.

"That's alright.. it gives me an excuse to look at your beautiful face." He said, his gaze not breaking from mine.

"I should probably be going now, it's getting late." I almost whispered, suddenly shy.

"Let me walk you home." He offered, taking my hand. I thought for a moment before answering with a smile.






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