Forever Apart

Addison never wanted to fall in love... Even the term sounds scary, 'falling' in love was not on her list of priorities. She was perfectly fine with being alone... Until she stumbled into a smart, strong-willed boy, Chase, who was out for her heart. Rules are broken and promises are made, but will they end up forever apart?


4. Chapter 3

The cramped waiting room was filled floor to ceiling with a dark wood, making the space feel even smaller. It had a stale, musky smell, that had been covered up with a room freshener. There were seven other people in that room, all looking pale, tired and nervous. I closed my eyes and whispered to myself, little things like the grocery list, and to get new leggings. It helped me calm down and have a sense of normalcy.

I fiddled with my long, light brown her. I had a habit of that, whenever I was nervous, agitated or anxious, I would braid or fiddle with my hair. It had kind of been my nervous tick when I was younger, but now it just happened.

I looked around again, sometimes making contact with peoples eyes.  I don't know why I was so intimidated, some of them were even younger than me. They all looked scared and nervous, just like me.

"Number one!" A lady called from inside the office. I quickly stood up and went through, remembering to breathe.

"Good morning Madam." I said weakly, suddenly feeling an overwhelming urge to throw up or run away.

"Good morning." She smiled, making me feel a little less uncomfortable.

"Now, I'm going to ask you a few questions, and read your essay, just to understand more about you and why you want this internship." She said matter-of-factly.

I nodded, showing I understood.

"Name?" She asked. 

"Addison Fuller."



"Preferred career path?"

"I would love to work at an art gallery one day, or be a writer." She smiled, clearly happy I wanted to work at an art gallery.

"What made you apply for this internship?"

"When I was little, I had heard of the National Gallery, and had always wanted to come here, but when I heard they gave out internships, and a scholarship to Cambridge, I moved to London." I smiled, reminiscing those memories. 

"Where do you currently reside?"


"Where does your family reside?"

"No family, they all died in a car accident." Her smile faltered and she offered her apologies.

"Why do you love art?" I was not prepared for this question at first, but after a moment of thinking, and remembering my older brother, I knew exactly what to say.

"Art is not defined by class, race or culture. It has its own language, and once you learn to speak it, your life will never be same. My life has not been what I imagined, but I know that without art, without something to tie me to the world, it would have been a lot worse." A single tear fell down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away.

"That will be all, thank you. We will be in touch." She smiled.

I rose and shook her hand. I walked out of the office and brushed past the next person. I whispered good luck to the young girl and she smiled.

I left the gallery, happy with my interview. My eyes never left my feet as I started to make my way home, and that is when I bumped into him.

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