Forever Apart

Addison never wanted to fall in love... Even the term sounds scary, 'falling' in love was not on her list of priorities. She was perfectly fine with being alone... Until she stumbled into a smart, strong-willed boy, Chase, who was out for her heart. Rules are broken and promises are made, but will they end up forever apart?


1. Prolougue

We lay there on the soft green grass, peaceful. The cloudless blue sky above us, stretching to the ends of the earth. My head on his chest, his protective grip on my waist. My heartbeat slow, butterflies in my stomach. There was something about his touch that sent shivers down my spine, something about his smile that made life worth living. I looked up at him, wondering how I'd gotten so lucky to call him mine. His majestic eyes stared at me with understanding and compassion, knowing that this wouldn't last forever.

As I took my final breath on this earth, I smiled. I knew that a life lived with love, was a life lived. With one last kiss I drifted away, leaving only my memories behind, I hoped that life would be good to him. 

I left him, with a tear, to go to the heavens and be where I belonged. I would never forget my summer love...

"A True love story never has a happy ending because a true love story never ends."

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