Preps and Emos



2. Schoooool ):

Natalie's P.O.V

"Bailey! Come on, lets goo!" I yelled up the stairs 

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

"Well hurry up!"

Just then she ran down the stairs and we were out the door. I got in the drivers side of my silver Volts Wagon Beadle and she got in on the passenger side. 

"Jeez do you always have to get up late?" I said irritated as I handed her a breakfast bar.

Out of breath she said "I'm not," deep breath "always late," 

"On very rare days when your up before me." I laughed 

"Shut up"

We got to school just as the warning bell rang. I hurried over to my locker and stuffed my books in and went to homeroom. 

I sat down in my uncomfortable seat just as the bell rang. 

"Okay class tomorrow were are going to get a new kid," The teacher started "His name is Josh Marbe" 

I felt a tap on my shoulder, so I turn around and see my friend, Carri and she hands me a note

He seems cute .

I chuckled and handed the note back 



Hey guys,

I'm doing this with my best friend ever so if its in Natalie's P.O.V. Its usually me but it could sometimes be Ivy, Vice Versa with Bailey. so I hope you like it (:


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