Preps and Emos



8. Oops...sir it was on accident

Bailey's P.O.V

So I was ranting on about Kayden in the car all the way home. Nat was mad about Nick. She hated him. Well she said she did anyway, I could tell she still liked him. A little back round story for you, he cheated on her 2 years ago. She was so crushed when she found out. I still see the sadness in her eyes sometimes. I ignore it sometimes, Nat is just like that. I ignore it cause it'll just make her sadder if I didn't. She doesn't like people seeing her sad.

"....And then I ran into his locker and Tyler laughed at me!"

"Would you be quiet! I don't wanna hear about guys!" Her face was stern and she looked really mad. I sat there quietly. 

"You know... it sucks being a loner. Only one friend and everything, what's it like having tons of friends?"

"I said quite!" She looked at me when she said it and didn't see the person in front of us stop. We ran  into the back of their car and I felt scared as fuck!

"Oh my god!" Nat screamed and ran out of the car and looked at the front of her car.

"Hey! Watch where you're fucking going!" the guy in front of us yelled, "if you're going to drive at least act like you're good at it and pay attention!" He drove off and Nat just starred at the front of her car. Her car meant a lot to her.

"Guess I'm driving tomorrow...." I said and got back in the car, Nat was cooled down but I could tell she was mad at herself.

"Sorry I yelled, It's just... Nick...." A tear fell from her eyes and I patted her back.

"I know sis, it'll be ok....." 

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