Preps and Emos



4. Everything Happens in Math

Natalie's P.OV.

I walked into math class to see a guy in my seat. Irritated, I walked over and said "Excuse me." He turned around and I was about to tell him to find another seat, but dude! He's freaking Gorgeous! So instead I asked him to please scoot in his seat because I needed to sit down.

So now, here I am sitting next to the most gorgeous guy on earth in math class. Everything has to happen in math class. 

"Okay for this assignment you will make a graph of some kind, it can be a circle graph, a line graph, a bar graph, anything. and your going to get to choose the school related topic. its due in at the last of the semester. I will list out your partners now." 

"Josh Marbe and Natalie Lockheart."

I looked over at the new kid, guessing he was Josh.

"Are you Josh?"


"Hi, I'm Natalie." I smiled at him and he smiled back

"So what are we going to do our project on." He asked 

"I don't know," I sighed "How about... um....sports, like how many kids like football compared to soccer and tennis or something, I don't know.

He just laughed at me, "Okay," he said 

"Really? You would go with that idea?" I ask, surprised 

"Well yeah, it school related and everybody has to love a sport." He replied easily.

"Okay then, I'm guessing we're doing a bar graph?"

"Well we could also do a circle graph depending on how you would want to display it."

"Let's go with the bar graph, its easier."

He laughed again. "Okay," Just then the bell rang. "Here," He handed me a piece of paper, "Its my number so we can get together sometime to start on the project."

"Okay" I smiled

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