Preps and Emos



9. Don't make me mad.

I walked in the house and threw my bookbag on my bed and flopped down. Bailey walked in after me, "Why are you so worked up about thins?"

I hesitated "Cause I still like Nick."

"Noooo," she said sarcastically

I groaned and rolled over so my face was face down in the bed. "I hate my life!" I yelled into the bed but it was muffled so it sounded like mjfghruos.

"What?" Bailey

I lifted my head "I HATE MY LIFE!!" I screamed and threw my head back on to the bed.

"Okay, Jeez," Bailey said.

I heard her walk into the kitchen and turn on the microwave. I sat there and stared at my pillow and a tear fell again. I wiped it away real quick and tired not to cry. Ok yes I know I should get over him, but it's really hard to. Bailey came back with some pizza rolls and mountain dew. We ate them and drunk our mountain dews. She always knows how to make me feel better.

"Thanks" I smile at her

"Your welcome, I figured you needed cheering up"

I hugged her.

"Bailey" I whispered still hugging hugging her 

"Yeah?" she asked.

"I'm really glad your my sister."

"Me too." she said. we sat there for another minute.

"Umm... you can let go now."

"Sorry," I let go.

"It's fine. Wanna watch some movies?" she said.

"Sure, put in Lion King!!" I said, it was one of my favorite movies.

She put it in and sat down next to me again. I started to get a call from someone. It was Josh! I flipped out. I quickly reached over Bailey, practically crushing her and paused the movie. I pressed answer. "Hi" I said flopping on Bailey. That was close.....

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