Preps and Emos



10. Break Her Heart, I'll Break Your Face.

Flash Back * 

Bailey's P.O.V

I walked up to Nick and turned him around.

"You Break her heart I break your face." I said and turned and walked away.

*1 month later*

Natalie's P.O.V

I ran in the door crying. Bailey tried to stop me and ask whats wrong but I just pushed past her and stormed into our room.

a few hours later*

*Still Nat's P.O.V*

I heard the door open and close.

"Go away," I mumbled 

"It's my room too ya know." 

I smelled pizza rolls and shot up

"Pizza Rolls." I said slowly

"Right here" Bailey waved them under my nose. I reached for one but she took them out of reach 

"Tell me what happened first." She said 

I sniffled "the pizza rolls will be cold then." 

"I don't mind."

"Ugghh... well" I started..

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