Preps and Emos



1. A little Something About Us.

Hi! I'm Natalie. I have blonde emo style hair, but I'm not emo at all. I actually popular. well as my sister....not so much. we're twins which makes it weirder that we're both not popular or emo. If you can't tell, I like to talk a lot and I'm very bubbly. I am currently single, unlike my sister who has had like one boyfriend her entire life.

Thats not true! I'm Bailey, the smart one.

oh haha very funny.

At least I actually study 

good try you barely do your homework 

good point 

the person is always as good as her point.

HAHA oh you were serious

shut upp

Oh well, I'm Bailey and I have black emo style hair. Yes I am actually emo. I tend to keep to myself and I CAN be quiet if I needed to be. It may seem like we hate each other, but we really close. She tells me everything and I tell her everything.

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