Scoundrels (One Direction Fanfic)

. “What are we playing for?” Quinn asked.
“Fame, glory, bragging rights,” Niall listed, counting the items off on his fingers with a cheeky grin. Quinn rolled her eyes and shoved him lightly, prompting him to shove her back. “Loser buys the winner dinner?”


7. Show Time

Show Time

“Right, we can’t sit around here all day,” Xavier called, clapping his hands as he, Tyson and Ben returned from the vans. Gone were the loose-fitting sweats and football shirts, replaced by smart black jeans and white button-up shirts with black ties. They looked more suited to going to a fancy restaurant than going to play a show, but they did look good standing together. Ben had even tied his hair back.

“Don’t you look smart,” Quinn whistled, impressed. She’d been nervously trying not to make a complete fool of herself as Xavier had left her to her own devices… in a room with One Direction. Luckily for Quinn’s sanity, the boys had stayed for a little while before being whisked away by their stylist. They’d still had a good twenty minutes of getting to know one another; which mostly consisted of Quinn giggling at their playful antics.

Xavier grinned and struck a pose; Tyson blew her a kiss and bowed. “We might be Scoundrels, but we dress good,” the blonde announced, the three of them standing in line- Ben, the tallest, in the middle. He gave a long-suffering sigh.

“Have you still got our music?” he asked.

Quinn went a little pale and recalled how he’d thrown his briefcase her way during set up. “Um… yeah… I- I-”At the very moment where she was about to panic, the door opened and One Direction reappeared, filing in one after the other. Niall was last, and in his hands was a black briefcase with Ben’s name on it. “Oh, thank God,” Quinn muttered, rushing forward to take it. “You’re a lifesaver, Niall,” she breathed, grinning and giving him a wink before handing the briefcase off to Ben.

“I was almost panicking,” Tyson remarked, as Quinn rolled her eyes and shrugged at him. “We’d better go, lads. Lights on in ten.”

“I’ll come up to help clear the stage,” Quinn stated, reaffirming the arrangement made earlier. She wasn’t just going to sit around on the tour; Xavier had given her the job of band assistant, a fancy title for ‘slave sister’. He punched her arm lightly before dragging her into a hug, ruffling her hair as he backed away. “Love you too, freak,” Quinn snapped playfully, high-fiving Ben and Tyson as they followed Xavier out, and she was once again left in a room alone with her favourite boy band.

“You wanna watch the show?” Louis asked, grabbing the TV remote and switching it on. A shot of the stage was shown, dark and empty, while there was a low hum of voices from the crowd. She was a little nervous for her brother and their band; they’d played locally around Sheffield, to a few hundred people at the most… but there were so many more out there than usual.

Quinn cautiously approached the lounge, heading for the single seat on the other side of the room, but Zayn had already claimed it and Harry reached out to tug Quinn down between himself and Louis. “Tell us about yourself, then,” Harry grinned, hardly paying attention to the stage.

“Um… there really isn’t much to tell,” she replied, shrugging slightly. “Eighteen, finished school, love you guys, wanna be a writer…” she surmised, shrugging again. There was a scream from the TV and her attention snapped to it, listening as Xavier introduced himself, the band… and asked if anybody was from Sheffield. “Oh, you friggin’ idiot,” she snickered, shaking her head when the crowd was silent, except for one lonely ‘woo’… from Tyson.

Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall laughed too, grinning. “You’re from Sheffield?” Louis asked, eyes wide. “I’m from Doncaster!” he bounced on the lounge lightly as he shuffled poor Liam out the way- Niall had snagged the other single chair, lying sideways in it to avoid anybody else stealing the arms- to sit side on. “We’re only a few miles apart!”

Quinn nodded, grinning. “Brinsworth, actually. Sixteen miles,” she replied.

Harry’s eyebrows disappeared into his curls. “You’ve calculated,” he deadpanned, his lips twitching as if he were trying to hide a smile. “You’re not one of those stalker-type fans?”

“In the sense that I know where you’re all from because I’ve backed you since before you were One Direction?” Quinn said quickly, all in one breath. Harry began to smile properly and Quinn nodded decisively. “In a word, Mr Styles, yes.”

“Since before?” Niall asked, eyebrows raised. Quinn turned to lean forward, talking around Harry. She still couldn’t help the flush that threatened to arise whenever she remembered he was there; honestly, she needed to get over the fact that they were all there.

“Yeah, well,” she shrugged. “I like Ne-Yo.” Niall’s smile widened and she winked, falling back into the lounge and accepting the bowl of popcorn that Liam handed her way.The Scoundrels were being received quite well, as far as Quinn could tell, and she kept glancing at her watch to make sure she wasn’t late. She knew that Xavier had agreed to play Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl as the last song, but she was still nervous.

Their conversation was few and far between, but the silences weren’t uncomfortable in the slightest. They were all pretty chill, really. Quinn found it was akin to hanging out with good mates and watching an interesting movie; none of them moved until the popcorn bowl found its’ way to Niall and came back empty. Quinn, having spotted Harry’s face fall when he realised there was none left, stood up and took the bowl off him.

“We’ve got some more in the van,” she said, disappearing out the back door and running to hop inside her new mobile home. Five minutes later, she returned with hot, buttered and slightly salted popcorn, which she left in Zayn’s capable hands as she returned to her seat and tossed a chocolate bar at Niall.

“New favourite person,” he sighed, grinning, and Quinn laughed as she retook her place between Louis and Harry.

The silence returned and as Xavier started riling up the crowd with little hints about One Direction- which drew screams they didn’t need the TV to hear- before the familiar first few bars of Katy Perry began to play. Quinn stood up and brushed herself down, getting rid of the few popcorn crumbs stuck to her jumper. As she reached the door, Mike, the production manager, poked his head in and nodded to the boys.

“Need you up in five, lads. Ready?” he asked, receiving five unanimous nods before he disappeared again. Quinn held the door and they filed out, leaving her to bring up the rear.

“Hey,” Harry said, stopping abruptly to let Quinn catch up. “Are you sticking around to watch the show?” he asked, nodding to the room they’d just left. She shrugged a little and raised an eyebrow when he made a song and dance of catching the door that Zayn let swing shut behind him. They could hear the crowd from here and Quinn’s stomach rumbled nervously, knowing that very soon she’d be up on stage. Not performing, of course, but there would be enough light for people to see her as she carried the Scoundrels’ stuff away.

“Ah, we’ll see. Depends how hard Xay works me,” she grinned, but as she heard Xavier finish up the song and start thanking the crowd, she paled and wiped her hair away from her face.

“Relax,” Harry murmured, as if reading her mind. “You won’t be able to see them.”

“But I’ll still know they’re there,” Quinn muttered back, taking a deep breath and shaking off her nerves. She waved to the boys as they lined up for their last minute checks and bolted out on stage, grabbing whatever equipment she knew belonged to them. She didn’t glance up once at the crowd, and thankfully managed to keep her stomach in check.

On the return from her last trip on stage, the one to make sure they’d gotten everything, Quinn almost ran straight into Niall who was leading the boys out on stage. He grinned at her in the backstage gloom and she raised her hand to high-five them all as they ran in opposite directions. She kept jogging until she reached the back door, laughing aloud at the screaming crowd behind her.

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