Scoundrels (One Direction Fanfic)

. “What are we playing for?” Quinn asked.
“Fame, glory, bragging rights,” Niall listed, counting the items off on his fingers with a cheeky grin. Quinn rolled her eyes and shoved him lightly, prompting him to shove her back. “Loser buys the winner dinner?”


6. One Direction

One Direction

It took just an hour for the Scoundrels and Quinn to be settled in their vans. Tyson and Ben would share the second one while Quinn bunked with Xavier. Halfway through the settling in phase, her brother had disappeared and returned with beer, which he pointedly put on the bottom two shelves in their fridge. Both of them had his name on, and Quinn rolled her eyes. Like she’d steal his booze anyway.

Ted, Nadia and Erica lined up near the two cars they’d used to bring the band in and Quinn stuck to her father’s side, nervous about finally being left on her own for so long. It was only a month until she’d be back in Sheffield and she’d be able to stay if she wanted, but a month was still the longest she’d ever been away from home.

“I’ll miss you all,” Quinn said quietly, hugging her Dad before moving onto Nadia and Erica, whom she didn’t know quite so well but still got on with well enough. Xavier followed her down the line with Tyson next, then Ben. Quinn stepped back as the hugs and farewells were exchanged, and Xavier slung an arm around her shoulders when the car started up and Ted started to follow Nadia and Erica away. As the gates separating the private carpark from the fans started to open, Quinn broke away and chased the car down, knocking frantically until Ted wound the window down and she could hug him one last time. “I love you, Dad!” she whispered, trying not to cry.

“You’ll be alright, Peanut,” Ted replied, petting her arm until she moved back. “Xay installed that Sky-Pee thing on your mum’s computer. We’ll keep in touch- and it’s not like you’re leaving the country!”

Quinn laughed and backed away, letting her father go. She only stopped waving when the gates were shut and Xavier was calling her to come in and watch them go through an early sound-check. As she wandered back over to the Scoundrels, she caught sight of the One Direction bus door opening and a familiar curly head sticking out. Harry.

Xavier saw him at the same time and waved- Quinn wondered how well they knew one another- before pointing at her. She felt her cheeks begin to burn as Harry grinned and waved; she waved back with a silly grin and felt a spring return to her step. She followed her brother through the doors into the Colosseum and it took her breath away. The lights were all on in the audience seating and there were so many seats; she tried to count them all and failed.

“Quinn, here,” Xavier called her over and handed her an amp. She’d been helping him with the band long enough to know how to hook it all up; she also took the lanyard with an ID tag and slipped it over her high ponytail. Better to be safe than sorry; the tag had her picture on it and she gave Xavier a hard look.

“When did you take this?” she asked, suspicious. Her voice echoed in the emptiness of the stage and theatre, sounding louder than she intended and feeling a little intimidating. Xavier grinned at her from across the stage and Ben appeared behind him, arms straining to carry an amp, a guitar, a briefcase full of songs and a music stand. Tyson trailed in after, his bass drum held easily in two hands.

“I did,” Tyson replied, placing his drum on the stage and flicking his hood out of his eyes. Poor Ben dropped the music stand and his briefcase, both clattering to the stage floor and creating an almighty racket. Xavier, being the goof that he was, yelped like an injured dog and fell to the ground, holding his heart and groaning in fake pain.

Tyson nearly fell over laughing and Quinn had to stop trying to plug in the amp, her hands were shaking so much. Ben scowled as he picked everything up, the briefcase first, and checked to see if it had been damaged. Satisfied, he slid it over towards Quinn with a raised eyebrow; an expression she knew meant ‘look after it’. The notoriously silent but sweet Ben had one of the most expressive faces Quinn had ever encountered; she’d known him long enough to read his looks.

“I could be lying here, injured, and not one of you care,” Xavier called, rolling onto his stomach before performing a series of three quick push-ups until Tyson stepped on his back and kept him down. “Gerrof, fatty!”

“Come on, boys,” Quinn called between gasps for air. She had a feeling that laughter would be the main soundtrack to anything these three did on tour; it would be a month to remember, that was for sure. “Don’t hurt the singer- or it’ll be Ben on the mike!”

Ben looked up, startled, and shook his head. “It bloody well won’t be Ben,” he muttered, ducking his head when Tyson threw a scrunched up ball of paper at him. Xavier got to his feet and shoved his blonde drummer, before the two of them wandered out to grab more pieces of the drum kit and Quinn returned her attention to the amp, before heading over to grab something else.

In half an hour- would have been less if they’d stopped mucking about- the stage was set and Quinn was dangling her legs off the edge as the Scoundrels tapped their mikes and Xavier made a show of singing in a high-pitched, wailing voice until even he got sick of it. Four hours until show-time; they needed sound-check done, then to go change and get their stage-faces painted on so they didn’t glow like flashlights under the lights.

They filed off the stage, leaving their stuff set up as it was, and headed down to the room beneath the Colosseum set aside for their pre-show use. Four bottles of water waited for them and they pounced on it like animals, not realising how thirsty they were until that moment. Quinn fell into a lounge chair and let out a long breath, already tired and wanting to rest.

Xavier and the boys shared the longer lounge, discussing their set-list and what they’d wear. They would only be onstage for forty-five minutes before having to clear off for One Direction, but it was enough to play four or five songs, in between goofing off and making people laugh. Tyson was a comedian at heart and both of the louder boys liked to poke fun at Ben’s girly hair, calling him a spaniel and a secret girl. Onstage, this worked out to be a recipe for magic as people fell for Ben’s long-suffering smiles, Tyson’s boyish charm and Xavier’s larrikin humour.

The door opened and all four looked up as One Direction filed in. Quinn instantly tried to pull her shirt down, smooth her hair, wished she’d thought to wear something mildly flattering instead of cargo pants and a knitted jumper.

“Hey, lads,” Xavier greeted, perfectly at ease. Quinn wished he’d warned her that they might meet the boys so soon, but gave up trying to improve her looks and just smiled faintly. Harry was looking her way and he was cuter in person; Quinn, however, was a Niall’s girl and couldn’t meet his gaze without flushing. You have a boyfriend, you have a boyfriend, she chanted over in her head, trying to stop her heart from racing.

“Scoundrels,” Liam greeted the room at large with a nod, before turning to smile at Quinn. “You’re Xavier’s sister, right?”

She nearly had a coronary as she nodded and stood to shake their hands, trying not to fall over her own feet. Her hands were shaking as she put her water down, begging it not to fall over as she wiped her sweaty palms and finally, stood face to face with One Direction. “Um,” she said, as Harry winked and lead the charge. “I’m- I’m a Directioner…” they all stopped, looking slightly nervous as if she were going to explode, and quite frankly Quinn thought she might have done if Xavier would let her live it down; “But I refuse to scream, faint or cry… though if you could all just stand there, that’d be great, ‘cause I’m gonna hug you now.”

“Smooth, Quinn,” Xavier teased. She shot him a hard glare and scoffed.

“Like you’d be any better if Little Mix walked in,” she retorted, Xavier’s response drowned out as she turned away, rolling her eyes, and Harry pulled her into a hug. She felt a bit like a rag doll as she was passed from boy to boy, and Xavier’s close watch was enough to keep Quinn alert enough to enjoy the experience.

As she floated- yeah, floated- back to her seat, all she could think was that Harry was right.

Niall did give the best hugs. 


Another A/N, I know I said there wouldn't be many. Just wanted to thank those who have read this far, and to direct you to my profile page which contains links to my polyvore (and various other sites) since I don't describe clothing in detail. Please let me know in comments if you're liking this movella; feedback makes my world go round :)

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