Scoundrels (One Direction Fanfic)

. “What are we playing for?” Quinn asked.
“Fame, glory, bragging rights,” Niall listed, counting the items off on his fingers with a cheeky grin. Quinn rolled her eyes and shoved him lightly, prompting him to shove her back. “Loser buys the winner dinner?”


5. Five Weeks Later...

Five Weeks Later

“I’m gonna miss you so much!” Quinn cried, hugging her mother as tightly as she could without breaking something. Xavier was loading the car out the front with their suitcases and instruments- Tyson was tagging along with them while Ben and Nadia had bribed her sister into dropping them off for more room. The car was already packed, barely enough space in the back to breathe, which meant Michelle had opted to stay home.

She cradled her daughter’s head against her neck and rocked them both quietly, trying not to cry. It would be a week until Christmas, then a good six months before they saw each other again and Quinn had been struggling with the idea of being away so long for about a week now. It had taken that long for it to sink in; four weeks of messing around in Sheffield and slowly replacing anything old and ratty in her wardrobe, except for a few exclusive comfort items.

Seven days before they were due to appear at the first event- still in England, in Watford on the eighteenth- Quinn still hadn’t packed her bags until Xavier locked her in her room and refused to let her out until the task was done. Now, the day before the show, she’d been ready several times over and had been bossing Xavier around as if this were his first time. They’d be meeting One Direction at the Colosseum in Watford, and from there would be able to borrow a couple of the vans leased to them officially from the Modest! Management team.

“You be careful, Quinn darling,” Michelle whispered, kissing her daughter’s cheek as Quinn pulled away and headed for the car, tears in her eyes. Ted was driving them to Watford, before he’d turn home and let them go on their way. They wouldn’t see their children until Christmas, and then for almost a month, until the Sheffield show on the 20th of January, and the time seemed to stretch out forever.

“I will,” Quinn replied, smiling through her tears as she bumped into Xavier, who was passing her to hug his mother goodbye. Quinn threw her backpack into the boot of the car and hopped into the front seat, leaving Tyson to share with Xavier. “Alright, Dad?” Quinn asked, eyebrows quirked. She was trying her hardest not to cry, though she desperately wanted to. Homesickness was already setting in, and when Ted gave her a heavy-eyed smile, no longer sure that this is what he wanted for his only daughter.

Quinn turned away to scan the street, looking for Evan. He hadn’t been happy with the idea of her going on tour and she could completely understand why, but despite the fighting and the distance he’d been keeping… she’d kind of hoped he’d come to see her off. She’d thought they were getting better; the last time they’d met up, Evan had apologised and so had Quinn, and promised to keep in touch. But the road was empty; he knew she was leaving today. Selfishly, it was all Quinn had been able to think about for weeks now.

“Okay, wave to your mother!” Ted exclaimed as he started up the car, revving the old engine a little too loud so it spluttered and backfired, the sharp sound like a gunshot in the quiet suburban street. Quinn twisted in her seat, the window rolled right down despite the chill in British December air, and waved until Michelle was out of sight. Xavier and Tyson had started up a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ without the alcohol, using instead a packet of Skittles. They were also texting Nadia, in the car in front, who was sending back ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in reply to their questions on Ben’s behalf.

Two hours, three packets of Skittles and one sugar rush later, their two-car convoy rolled into Watford between rows of fans who peered into the back seat and, upon discovering they weren’t One Direction, promptly looked away. Ted gritted his teeth as they inched forward, two blokes in security garb parting the crowd in front of them.

“Bloody hell,” Xavier said quietly. “Look at them all.”

The crowds were outside and camped in space already. The concert didn’t start for another six hours. Quinn gazed at all the girls- because the majority of the crowd were girls- and couldn’t help but feel a little overwhelmed. This was the new way of life for her though, and if the Scoundrels managed to get themselves a little more well known then these girls might one day be lining up to date the notorious bachelor Xavier. Or Tyson. Or- despite Nadia’s presence- Ben. The thought of anybody crushing on her brothers made Quinn faintly sick.

There was silence in the car until they made it into the secure area out the back and Ted stopped the car. He’d have to drive back out through the crowd as soon as his children and adopted sons cleared out. Nadia and her sister, Erica, would have to go too. Quinn’s stomach rolled nervously as she caught sight of the huge tour bus parked innocently out of the way. She knew that bus. One Direction were in there.

“Quinn!” Xavier snapped her to attention, tossing over his backpack and following it with hers. He had his guitars- an acoustic and an electric- slung over his shoulders and was loading himself up with two amplifiers. They could have borrowed stuff from Modest!, but Xavier had insisted on bringing his own stuff. Quinn figured she would have too, had she been in charge of this trip. “This way, then!” Xavier called and she followed him obediently, panting a little under the weight of his bag. It felt heavier than hers.

Near One Direction’s tour bus were two black vans, like little motor homes. Someone had painted Scoundrels on the side of both and Quinn couldn’t help but be delighted at seeing the band name advertised like that. When Xavier had said they’d be leasing vehicles, she never expected it to be so solidified as to who owned them.

“Which one am I bunking in?” Quinn called, eying off the three boys and hoping Xavier would say himself. He poked his head out of the first van and held his arms out for his stuff- she handed it over and he grabbed her bag too, prompting Quinn to duck inside and check it out.

The van was just big enough to hold a bar fridge, a bench with a microwave and two single bunks near the back. Under each of the bunks, Xavier had stashed away his equipment and now their bags. Behind the bunks, a sliding door lead to a tiny bathroom with a sink and a toilet, just big enough for one person to squeeze into. It was cosy, but it was nice.

“The front seats spin around, and the table folds out from here,” Xavier announced, squeezing past his sister to demonstrate. Both the driver’s and the passenger’s seats spun 180˚and a part of the van’s roof detached to hang on four strings in front of the seats. “We’ll probably be living on take-out and stuff, but if you want to store anything in the fridge, the top two shelves are yours. There’s cutlery and stuff in the cupboards above the microwave and there’s a little pantry here,” Xavier continued like he’d been in the van all his life. Quinn figured he probably had had a say in what went where, as he seemed pretty proud of himself. He had opened a slim door between the microwave and the bunk claimed as his, where the top three shelves contained sheets and towels while the bottom half was empty but for a few cans of beans, microwave popcorn and packets of crisps.

Quinn squeezed around the table to leap outside and stare, open-mouthed, at the van. She needed to take a few deep breaths because that thing was absolutely amazing. When Xavier appeared with a cheeky grin and cocked eyebrow, she jumped on him with a breathless peel of giggles and he spun her around, already looking forward to what the next few weeks would bring.

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