Scoundrels (One Direction Fanfic)

. “What are we playing for?” Quinn asked.
“Fame, glory, bragging rights,” Niall listed, counting the items off on his fingers with a cheeky grin. Quinn rolled her eyes and shoved him lightly, prompting him to shove her back. “Loser buys the winner dinner?”


8. Best Night

Best Night

Four hours later, Quinn was shattered. She and Xavier had round up their two boys, and while the three of them headed off to the pub she’d offered- mistakenly- to take care of their stuff. Because they were the musicians, she was in charge of the backstage prep, and had been left to reorganise Ben’s compulsively neat music case, clean the instruments and plan the band’s outfits for their next show.

Thankfully, they weren’t driving until the morning so she might have a chance to grab a few hours’ sleep before having to drive to Westcliff-on-Sea. It was only an hour away, and Xavier had promised to be the ‘pilot’, but she didn’t think she could sleep while the van was moving. Yet. If things were always this hectic, she could probably sleep through a typhoon.

She was absently checking Twitter- One Direction’s tour bus had Wi-Fi, which she was allowed to use thanks to Xavier- when she heard very loud, very off-key singing approaching. In sweats, slippers and an oversized Derby County shirt, she pushed open the door of the van to watch her drunken brother and his band mates stumble over. They’d been out celebrating the end of the first night of their first tour, of course, but the moment they saw her they froze. Ben seemed to sober up quickest.

“He’s not as drunk as he looks, I swear,” he said quickly, cutting off anything Quinn might have had to say. She just rolled her eyes, laughing, as she stepped aside and let Xavier trip his way to his bunk and have to stare at it for a good minute before he recalled how his legs work and climbed up.

“You’ve only been out for two hours,” she remarked, laughing, as she pushed the van shut again to conserve warmth. “I’ve had the heaters on in yours, too,” she nodded to the secondary van, which Tyson had made a beeline for after checking that Xavier was safely in bed by knocking on the window and crowing like a rooster. Xavier had ‘mooed’ back at him lazily.

“Cheers,” Ben replied, shaking his head at his two mates. “Is it just me, or does being the cock suit Tyson?”

Quinn raised an eyebrow at Ben, recognising the slightly-tipsy-talkative mood and knowing that when Ben got talking, he was downright hilarious. He smiled back but didn’t look at her, instead watching Tyson stare at the van door and move his hand like a Jedi, trying to open it with the power of the Force. “Actually, that is a pretty good resemblance,” she responded, nodding. “Try Expelliarmus,” she called.

Tyson grinned at her. “Clever girl!” he shouted, loud enough to wake the dead had any been nearby. Ben snickered and nudged Quinn’s shoulder, producing a pizza box from God-Knows-Where and handing it over.

“Might be slightly cold. It was a struggle carrying two blokes and food,” he said apologetically, before dropping a kiss on Quinn’s head and scuffing away to help Tyson into bed. They’d need it- the sleep, that is. “Are you driving tomorrow?” Ben called, pausing by the door to his van. Quinn had ducked inside and put her pizza on the table and fished out an orange juice.

“Might have to- Captain Stupid won’t wake up healthy,” she grinned, saluted Ben, and ducked inside before she started to freeze. As she wriggled her way into the passenger’s seat, she caught sight of five boys emerging from the back of the Colosseum, laughing and joking together as they raced to the bus. Harry won, and apparently caught her watching, because a second later he appeared in front of the van and waved for her to come out.

Quinn nodded and disappeared under the table, wriggling her way back to the door. As she slid it open, she jumped down to sit on the step and Harry leaned up against the front door beside her. “Good show?” he asked, eyebrow raised. She winced and gave him an apologetic look.

“I didn’t see,” she said, truly sorry that she hadn’t. “I was picking up after the boys.”

“Bloody scoundrels,” Harry exclaimed, snapping his fingers and making an angry face, to which Quinn could only laugh at the pun on the band’s name. “Come over, we’ll put a movie on or something. Xavier can come-“ Xavier let out a disgruntled moan and loud snore, before he ‘mooed’ again in his sleep and Harry gave the boy a concerned look. “- is he alright?”

Quinn snorted, then couldn’t hold it in and laughed heartily both at her idiot brother and Harry’s worried face. “I have asked myself that for eighteen years, Harry,” she grinned, leaning back in to grab her pizza and put in the fridge. “Let me grab a coat, yeah?”

“I’ll head in, make sure the boys are dressed,” Harry called after her. Quinn made a small noise of agreement- she wouldn’t complain if they weren’t dressed, but she was hardly going to tell Harry that. Her stomach rumbled a little and she thought forlornly of the pizza, knowing she could always say no but then again… One Direction. Who would say no to hanging out with One Direction?

Not Quinn Harvey, tell you that much. She found her Scoundrels hoodie- designed lovingly by her mother-  and slipped it over her shirt before heading out into the chilly night air. She was British, however, and therefore quite used to the Decembers. She was only out in it for a few seconds anyway as she ran the length of the bus and knocked on the door.

As if he’d been waiting on the other side, Harry popped open the door and Quinn hurried in, shivering slightly and rubbing her arms to warm up. The bus was luxurious and reminded her of a five-star hotel suite, just longer. Laughing at her dropped jaw, Harry placed a hand on the small of her back and lead her down past the six bunks, through a sliding door, to a small square room with a TV and four boys engrossed in a game of FIFA. Niall and Zayn were currently playing one another.

Niall, as evidenced by the grin on his face, was kicking arse.

“Shall we play teams?” Zayn said instantly, as he spotted Quinn coming through the door. Now that they had an even number, teams was much more likely. “You any good?” he continued with pleading eyes, obviously ready to claim her talents if it meant beating Niall.

“Better with a real ball,” Quinn replied with a little shrug, letting Harry sit down first before squeezing into the smallest space possible, trying not to take up much room.

“She’s a Derby fan, Niall,” Harry announced, causing Niall’s attention to jerk away from the screen just as Zayn’s avatar tackled him and scored a goal. Louis cursed, and handed a fiver to Liam. Quinn blushed a little at the attention they were paying her and unzipped her hoodie to show off the shirt she was wearing. Niall’s grin returned and he nodded at her.

“Teams, lads?” he announced, reaching out to grab Quinn’s hand and pull her across the room to the space beside him. Liam shuffled over to make room; it was close quarters, but it only made the room warmer. Those boys did generate a bit of heat. “Who else shall we pick, love?” Niall asked, nudging Quinn to get her attention as they fixed eyes on the other four boys. Louis and Harry had already banded together and their gaze kept flicking to Liam.

“Zayn,” she said, as Louis cheered and Zayn beamed at her. Niall quietly groaned.

“Don’t lose me this match, Malik,” he said warningly, as Liam and Zayn switched spots and the six controllers were plugged in. There was no competition when Niall chose Derby as their team- Zayn didn’t really have a say in it, because the decision was made before anybody could blink. Liam, Louis and Harry picked Arsenal, who had the best in-game stats.

“Best of five?” Liam asked, to unanimous nods. Harry started the game… and then it was on.

An hour later- they had to replay certain games after accusations of cheating were flung about, and Louis insisted upon a rematch rather than a draw- the score was three-two, with Niall, Zayn and Quinn the victors. A round of high-fives were shared, then a round of hugs as Quinn got to her feet to head to bed. It was nearing eleven at night and the convoy would move out at eight to avoid the bigger crowds.

“Night then, lads,” she called, closing the bus door behind her and jogging quickly through the chilly air to the van. It was still warm inside, helped along by Xavier’s body heat, but nowhere near as warm as it had been on the larger bus. Quinn shivered slightly as she slid into her sleeping bag and grabbed her phone for Twitter.

Best night of my life with @Xay_Harvey and the One Direction boys! #TourLife

She wondered, as she set her alarm and lay back to sleep, how many people would believe her.

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