Scoundrels (One Direction Fanfic)

. “What are we playing for?” Quinn asked.
“Fame, glory, bragging rights,” Niall listed, counting the items off on his fingers with a cheeky grin. Quinn rolled her eyes and shoved him lightly, prompting him to shove her back. “Loser buys the winner dinner?”


18. Back Row

Back Row

Two weeks later, the Scoundrels and One Direction were playing Sheffield City Hall, and Quinn had been given it off because she’d had tickets for months. She’d made the deal with Xavier to help him set up his stage, and they’d sound-check early, which gave Quinn just over an hour to get home, get ready, and find her seat. The ‘getting ready’ part was the bit she was currently stuck on. She sighed, flopped onto her back, and closed her eyes.

Quinn had made it through three weeks of a One Direction tour. She’d made five new close friends, been recognised on the street, and had her picture in magazines. She was followed by nearly ten thousand people on Twitter, had been all over England, and had even done an evening radio interview on what life was like living with One Direction. The whole thing was a bit of a blur, really, and sometimes she just had to sit down and take a few seconds to breathe and take it all in.

For this reason alone she was grateful for the night off.

“Quinn!” Michelle called from the bottom of the stairs. “It’s nearly six, sweetheart!”

Quinn’s eyes snapped open and she leapt to her feet, cursing herself for dozing off for as long as she had. A good twenty minutes were wasted just lying there; the show started at seven, and by time she was dressed and made up and driven over to City Hall, she’d be cutting it fine. She knew she’d have no problem in getting in even if the doors were shut, she’d just go around the back and watch from the wings, but she wanted to see the show properly.

She’d never seen One Direction in concert, and she really wanted to. The boys- well, Harry- had tried to insist she come up onstage when they sing Moments to a chosen fan, but Quinn had politely declined. She was in the back row, it was too far. Niall had piped up and suggested she be upgraded, or just stand in the space directly in front of the stage with the security guys… She’d been tempted, though she’d never tell.

Quickly towelling off her still damp hair, she grabbed a pair of fairly new jeans and a stripy top- she’d promised Louis- before grabbing her trusty converse and jumping back into the bathroom she used to share with Xavier. Ten minutes later, with her makeup done, she ran back into her bedroom to yank a brush through her hair and leave it loose, unable to find the motivation to do something special with it.

As an afterthought, she grabbed her jacket and made sure she still had her lanyard ID so she would be able to get backstage after the concert. At six-forty-five, Quinn reported for duty at the bottom of the stairs and Michelle appeared from nowhere with a camera in hand, clicking away as if this were Quinn’s first night out ever. After a few minutes’ tussle in which Michelle tried to bully Quinn into this pose and that, Ted intervened and escorted his daughter out into the car. They might have sped a little to reach City Hall on time, but nonetheless they did so and Quinn kissed her father’s cheek before dashing off to join the tail end of the line.

Ted tooted as he drove away, and Quinn raised a hand to wave as she as shuffled along in the crowd, handing her ticket over to the usher and grinning when he gave her a second glance. “Aren’t you usually backstage?” he asked, laughing, as Quinn shrugged and waved her ticket.

“I’ve had these since January,” she replied, their conversation cut short as she was lifted and ferried away, into City Hall, and into her seat. A few people surrounding her were looking over and whispering; Quinn kept her smile even and tried to look approachable. She’d known there was a possibility she’d be recognised; she wondered if anybody would try to talk to her.

Not that they could; the lights dimmed almost immediately and it dawned on her how close she’d actually cut it for time. Pushing the thoughts out of her mind, Quinn screamed along with the rest of the crowd as the Scoundrels appeared to open the show; she knew all the words, of course, she’d helped write some of those songs… and privately, she was dead pleased to see other people sing along too.

She could barely see the stage, she was so far back, but she could hear the songs and the atmosphere was electrifying. It only intensified when the Scoundrels bid the crowd goodnight- Xavier gave her a shout-out, to which she rolled her eyes as several nearby people looked over. Quinn gave them waves and shy smiles, even posing for a few photos as the braver groups of girl approached. It didn’t feel quite real throughout the twenty minutes between acts.

Quinn was rather grateful that she’d thought to squeeze her phone into the pocket of her jeans, almost overwhelmed by her Twitter mentions going through the roof. To pass the time, she snapped photographs of nearby fans and tweeted them, along with a few pictures of the stage. As soon as people figured out what she was doing, Quinn was almost mobbed by people requesting she mention them; the tweets flew out as fast as her fingers could manage them, which worked out to about one every thirty seconds. She felt like a real celebrity as she bumbled her way through posing for photos, grateful that she'd put on a bit of makeup and had done her hair. It was almost like she was observing from the outside, watching some other girl go through what she was experiencing. The atmosphere was surreal, dreamlike, but Quinn couldn't stop smiling.

At least she didn’t have to sit idly and alone while she waited for One Direction; there was plenty to talk about after all, and though at first Quinn was a little shy that soon faded away to fangirlish delight. The boys dominated the conversation, with the main point of interest being in Quinn’s relationship with each of them. She had to remind herself several times not to take it too far… but overall, the conversation ran smoothly and didn’t look a bit like stopping until the lights on the stage dimmed and the screens lit up with five familiar, smiling faces.

“Hel-loooo Sheffield!” a recording boomed around the Hall, the boys speaking in unison. The crowd were hushed for a moment, people peering into the stage wings to see if they could spot the boys early. Quinn, being so far back, had no chance of doing so but it didn’t matter. The phone was pushed back into her pocket as her attention was captured and locked on the stage- on the boys- on her boys.

“I’m Harry,” said Louis, grinning broadly as Harry shook his head and mimed ‘liar’. “Only kidding- I’m Louis!”

I’m Harry,” said Harry, grinning and waving. Quinn winced as the crowd screamed, drowning out Niall, Zayn and Liam’s introductions and the screens abruptly went black again.

Two seconds later, the stage was lit up and the boys were there, grinning and waving out. “And we’re One Direction!” They bellowed as one, the crowd going absolutely mad as the first few seconds of Up All Night began to play, echoing through the Hall as the boys began their poor attempts at dancing. Quinn couldn’t keep still and a couple girls nearby stood up and danced with her, the five of them enchanting and charming the packed venue.

The concert was easily one of the best event Quinn had ever been to. Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall had the entire crowd hanging on every word they said or sang, every joke made the walls shudder with laughter. They were electric, they were intense, they were entertaining, they were brilliant.

Quinn was standing in the back row, only half a dozen people between herself and the doors, but the distance did nothing to diminish the atmosphere radiating out from the stage. She screamed herself hoarse, sang along at the top of her lungs, secretly wiped away a tear during More Than This and marvelled at how strong Zayn’s voice was in Tell Me A Lie. Harry’s cheekiness and Louis’ altered lyrics in Gotta Be You and Niall’s guitar playing during One Thing all added up to one astounding show.

She couldn’t wait to tell them how amazing they were.

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