Scoundrels (One Direction Fanfic)

. “What are we playing for?” Quinn asked.
“Fame, glory, bragging rights,” Niall listed, counting the items off on his fingers with a cheeky grin. Quinn rolled her eyes and shoved him lightly, prompting him to shove her back. “Loser buys the winner dinner?”


11. All About Quinn

All About Quinn

In the style of any popular game show, Louis looked down his nose at Quinn and very obviously- and very poorly- was imitating The Weakest Link. Despite herself, Quinn was a little nervous. What kind of things could five teenage boys want to know about her? “Tea or coffee, and how do you take it?” Louis asked, bringing her round to reality with a slight bump.

“White tea with one. Haven’t we just done this?” she asked, a little baffled.

Louis tapped the paper. “Stick to the script. Showers or baths?”

Quinn pulled a face before answering, wondering where they’d gotten these questions from. “Showers,” she replied, pausing to think about it for a moment. “Unless there’s bubble bath, in which case, always a bubble bath.”

“Excellent answer,” Harry piped up, grinning, as he leaned over Zayn and Louis both to read off the next question; “Who’s your favourite member of One Direction?”

She glanced at Niall very, very briefly before rolling her eyes and shaking her head. “What kind of question is that, Harry?”

“Sorry,” he said, not apologetic at all. “Are you a morning person?”

“Depends on what I’m getting up for.”

“Here, here!” Zayn called, giving Quinn an air-five as he couldn’t quite reach.

“Beer or spirits?” Louis asked, his tone a little impatient with the constant distractions.

If he were the controller of this game, Quinn wondered what prize she was playing for. “Again, depends on the situation. Beer, I guess.”

Niall cheered. “Drinking buddy!” Quinn grinned and high-fived him across the table.

Louis shook his head disapprovingly, before giving Quinn the single most evil, yet oddly amusing, look she’d ever seen on any boy’s face. “Carrots or cucumbers?” he asked.

“Is that a euphemism for something?” she retorted quickly, having always wanted to ask just what was up with Louis and his carrots. She’d seen the interview in which he’d first said ‘I like girls who eat carrots’; and she’d also noticed Niall’s instant laughter, which sounded so much like a naughty schoolboy that Quinn couldn’t help but wonder whether Louis was being funny or talking in code.

Each of the five boys grinned. Louis winked at her. “She gets it, lads,” he said quietly, as if this were the greatest thing Quinn had ever done. She rolled her eyes and Louis got on with the interrogation. Heaven help her, this was only Question Eight. “Favourite colour?”

“Green.” Niall high-fived her across the table. Again.

“Favourite song of all time?”

“There You’ll Be, Faith Hill.”

Serious nods and Harry even sang a few lines of the chorus, making Quinn stare at him and have to rapidly snap herself out of the awestruck wonder. Hearing Harry Styles sing her favourite song was just a little too much for her to handle so soon. “Favourite artist?” Harry asked, recovering quickly and giving her the cheekiest grin he could manage, apparently knowing precisely what had just gone through her head.

“One Direction.” There was a little awkward pause, in which the lads sort of puffed themselves up a bit, before Quinn couldn’t help but laugh and shake her head. “I’m kidding. Bryan Adams.”

“Do you like spicy food?” Louis was well and truly dominating the asking, and Quinn had the feeling it was his idea to bombard her with these questions rather than let things reveal themselves in time.

“As in, PERi-PERi chicken, so good they named it twice?” Quinn replied, grinning at Niall’s chuckle and Zayn’s shake of the head. “Love it- not too hot though. I’d like to keep my tastebuds.”

“Favourite eat-out place?” Louis continued.

Quinn had to think for a moment, as she wasn’t a real eat-out person. “You’re expecting me to say Nando’s, aren’t you?” she asked Niall, who was giving her puppy eyes and nodded to answer her question. She shrugged and sipped her tea to stall for time. “Bella Italia, probably.”

Louis started talking before she’d quite finished, and Quinn rolled her eyes at his attempt to get the game going faster. “What’s your favourite food?”

“Niall, how many questions are from you?” she asked, raising one eyebrow.

He gave her an affronted stare. “Why do you assume the food ones are from me?” Quinn only smiled and raised the other eyebrow, holding his gaze until he huffed and shrugged. “Okay, they’re mine.”

“There you go,” Quinn declared, grinning to take the sting out of the words. “I love spaghetti.”

“Do you sleep naked?”

She blinked. Looked between the five boys- even the blushing Liam, who had been quiet and more like a referee in the quick-fire-Q-and-A. Harry was the only one who could meet her gaze without looking away; very slowly, deliberately, he winked and Quinn laughed. “Why do you wanna know?”

“In case they decide to wake you up,” Zayn replied instantly, sounding as if he knew exactly what he was talking about. She had the feeling he wouldn’t be left alone if he was the only one sleeping. “Wouldn’t want any nasty surprises…” he trailed off and the pretend hurt look on Quinn’s face registered. “Not that you’re nasty,” Zayn was quick to add, looking a little lost as Quinn kept up her poker face and lowered her head, hiding a snicker. “I’m gonna shut up now.”

He sounded a little upset and Quinn made sure he saw her grin- he just scoffed and rolled his eyes, a very totally-knew-you-were-faking gesture. “I’m usually semi-clothed unless it’s hot,” she replied, taking the attention back on herself.

“Who’s your best friend?” Liam asked, clearly wanting to get the game rolling again to change the topic away from Quinn’s choice of sleeping clothes. She was quite grateful that he did, and tried not to linger on the fact that Louis Tomlinson had been the one to ask if she slept naked.

“Xavier,” she said instantly, the answer being old hat. “Or maybe Tyson. Wait, Nadia. Maybe Ben. I dunno- pick one.”

“Nadia?” Harry asked, ears pricking up at the mention of another girl’s name.

“Ben’s girlfriend.”


Louis cleared his throat and fixed the boys with a hard stare, the gaze moving around to all four of them as he huffed. “Now that I have silence… Can you keep secrets?” This question seemed particularly important to Quinn and she nodded without having to think about it. They seemed satisfied with her silent assurance that whatever they said around her wouldn’t end up in the tabloids and Louis continued with a much lighter question. “Coke or Pepsi?”


“Favourite TV show?”

“The Office. I adore Tim.”

“Celebrity crush?”

”You’ve almost hit twenty, by the way. Martin Freeman or… Simon Cowell.” There was silence. Zayn and Niall shared ‘what the hell’ looks as Liam coughed politely and Louis gave Quinn a you’ve got to be kidding me sort of stare. “What? There’s nothing wrong with older blokes!” Harry actually stood up to high-five her.

“Age doesn’t always equal experience,” Zayn piped up, trying to be a little philosophical.

Quinn couldn’t help herself. “Speaking from personal discovery, Zayn?” It was sort of revenge for his ‘nasty surprises’ comment.

“Well, someone’s got her sassy-pants on today,” Louis muttered loudly in his best ‘gay-voice’. Quinn blushed and ducked her head, only brave enough to look up when she heard Zayn start laughing. He shook his head at her and winked when she caught his eye; she smiled tentatively back and relaxed. She wasn’t in trouble. “Okay; favourite animal?”

“Probably penguins.”

“Play any sports?”

“Is there any sort of order to these questions?” Quinn asked, laughing. The boys all shook their heads at the same time, and she drank the remainder of her tea before replying. “Football, though never with a club.”

“We’ll have a match one day, you and me,” Niall promised quickly, before Louis could barrel on with the questions. Quinn wondered how many were left, smiling broadly at Niall’s suggestion as she nodded eagerly.

“It’s on-“

“Like Donkey Kong,” Liam muttered, drawing a groan from the lads and a laugh from Quinn. “At least someone appreciates my humour,” he added, taking Quinn’s cup despite her protests and placing it in the sink to wash up later.

“Do you like horror films?” Niall recaptured Quinn’s attention as he asked the next question; she felt a little sorry for Zayn, who had been texting for the last five minutes out of boredom. He could’ve stayed in his bunk if Louis hadn’t insisted they all group together.

She met Niall’s gaze and smiled a little as she replied; “As long as I’m not watching alone.”

“Last two questions,” Harry said, chuckling at Quinn’s over-exaggerated sigh of relief, and bunched them together; “What’s your Twitter handle, and would you ever do a Twitcam with us?”

“I won’t be able to sleep for notifications if you lot follow me,” she grumbled good-naturedly, already reaching for her phone. “It’s At-Harvey-Quinn, and sure I will. Can’t promise I’ll be entertaining, though.”

She watched as the five boys each followed her, and glanced up as she caught Niall’s latest tweet, with her name mentioned in the text.

@HarveyQuinn just a warning, I rule at football. Still up for it?

@NiallOfficial I never back down ;)

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