Another World- Harry Styles Love Story

Harry Styles is part of the band One Direction. At a signing, he sees his a girl he's known since pre-school. What will happen when Harry makes his move? This movella is dedicated to Abygail Stylik <3 for supporting me!


7. The Plan

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up and like always Aby was in my arms. I smiled at the sight, she was so cute when she was sleeping and the way she cuddled up to me was adorable. I managed to work something out so that Aby and I wouldn't have to leave each other! I hope she agrees because it's our only hope. I know she's had experience but at the same time I also know that since 'the day' Aby has become quite insecure about her body. But to me, she's perfect!

Aby finally woke up and smiled when she realised she was cradled in my arms but I think she remembered last night's conversation and quickly changed emotions. Now, Aby was crying uncontrollably. "H- Harry... d- did you..... m- manage t- to... sort s- something o- o -out?" Aby managed to cry out. "Yes I did, but you've got to be up for it" I told her. "Up for what? What do I have to do?" Aby asked. "Well, I called management and asked if you could come along with us. They said yes but- " I managed to say before Abygail cut in, "But what, Harry, but what?! Why do things have to be so complicated" "It's not complicated the only thing that's gonna make it complicated is your insecurities" I explained before Aby cut in again, panicking, " Why do I have to get over being insecure? What do I have to do in order to be able to come on tour with you guys?" "In order to be able to tag along with us, you have to sign up for a modelling contract which means you will have to get over your insecurities" I said. "B- but you know what I've been through. No Harry, I can't do this" Aby sobbed. "Sorry babe but it's the only thing that will get you that spot on our tour bus. And you'll be opening for us aswell after you release your first coverpage then you will be showing off your singing  skills by opening for us at our concerts. I know you're talented, you're an experienced proffesional!" I expalined. "Fine, the plan is settled. I will try my best to get over my insecurities". Aby agreed. 

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