Another World- Harry Styles Love Story

Harry Styles is part of the band One Direction. At a signing, he sees his a girl he's known since pre-school. What will happen when Harry makes his move? This movella is dedicated to Abygail Stylik <3 for supporting me!


9. Meet Michelle De Andrie

Zayn's P.O.V

I decided to take a walk to get some fresh air while the others were up in the rooms doing their own things. I threw on a hoodie and some sweat pants, grabbed a water bottle, my wallet and my phone then I walked out the door. As I was walking along the path, I decided to text all the boys and tell them that I've gone for a walk so that they don't get worried. After walking for a good 20 minutes I reached the nearby shopping centre and decided to grab a quick snack from the convenient store. When I walked out of the shopping centre I heard soft sobs coming from the alley way next to the mall and walked through it until I hit a wall. "Ouch!" I screamed in pain as I wacked my foot and head on the wall. I'm dumb, I should've used my torch from my phone which I had just turned on and whilst I was turning back around, I saw a girl in the corner, crying silently. "H- hello? Who's there?" I asked, not wanting to scare the person. "H- hello. Who are y- you?" the girl managed to say between sobs. "I'm Zayn Malik and I'm here to help you. I promise I won't hurt you." I reassured her. "Oh you're from One Direction" she said. The girl got and and started walking over to me. "Hi" I said shyly. "Hi, I'm Michelle De Andrie. It's nice to meet you Zayn" Michelle greeted. "Nice to meet you too, Michelle." I greeted back. "So what happened? Why are you here alone, crying?" I asked. "Well actually it's because of quite a few things. 1) My ex cheated and we only broke up a few hours ago. 2) My dad abuses me 3) My mum is never there for me and never has been and lastly I'm so not worth living" Michelle explained. "Don't say that, love. You don't deserve any of that!" I reassured her. "You don't know what it's like to be tortured like that, do you?" Michelle asked starting to cry again. "Well not as bad you have experienced but I've still been through a lot. What if I took you back Harry's house so you can warm up and eat?" I suggested. "I'd love to if that's okay with you." Michelle accepted. "Sure thing. Let's go" I guided Michelle back to the house but she kept falling and I thought she was hurt so I picked her up and carried her back. When we got to the door, I rang the doorbell while putting Michelle down. The door finally was opened by Harry as we walked in. "Who's this lovely lady, Zayn?" Harry asked, grinning. "Her name's Michelle" I replied, getting worried. "Why, hello there Michelle. You sure are beautiful" Harry complimented. "Ay, ay! Back off Harry. You have a girlfriend, Abygail and that's probabl why you haven't  been able to get her your whole life! You're too flirtatious, Styles!" I scolded. "Loosen up DJ Malik! It was only a few compliments, geez!" Harry argued back. I rolled my eyes as the others came down and I introduced Michelle, "Meet Michelle De Andrie and she's been through a lot recently. The old break up, abusing and no support which is sad. I found her in the alleyway next to the local shopping centre and she was crying" I explained to them all. I decided it'd be best that I didn't tell the others that Harry was flirting because it'd just cause a big drama fest!

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