Another World- Harry Styles Love Story

Harry Styles is part of the band One Direction. At a signing, he sees his a girl he's known since pre-school. What will happen when Harry makes his move? This movella is dedicated to Abygail Stylik <3 for supporting me!


6. Don't Leave Me

Aby's P.O.V

I woke up in Harry's arms, holding me down because of his strength. I was a weakling against all the boys. I played with Harry's hair and smiled as he moved around a bit the finally fluttered his eyes open. "Morning, sleepy" I laughed. "Morning beautiful Aby" Harry sang. "Can we have a lasy day, like sleep all day and stay like this?" I asked, lazily. "Yea, I was- " Harry was interrupted by his phone that was ringing. "be right back, babe". I nodded showing that I understood. I waited for 10 minutes before Harry came back into the room looking rather sad. "What's wrong, Haz?" I aksed, worried. "Erm, well, erm management wants us to erm go on erm tour again" Harry said making me burst out in tears. "Please, Harry, don't leave me. I love you, it's not gonna be the same without you, babe" I cried. "I love you too but I've got to do this. Maybe we can sort something out because I know calling, texting and skyping isn't going to be enough" Harry replied. I put on a fake smile to show that I was happy he was trying to help but it still just wasn't enough. "Harry, please just promise me that you won't leave me. We just got together. It's the moment both of us had been waiting for our whole lives. Now, we're getting pulled apart." I said, still crying. Harry wiped away my tears and lifted my face up. "Aby, babe, I love you and you know that, everything's going to be alright" Harry whispered sweetly. "How do you know that?" I asked. "Because..." Harry replied. Before I could talk, Harry pulled my face in and I met up with his lips, his tongue slipped in and I let it as we kissed passionately.

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