Another World- Harry Styles Love Story

Harry Styles is part of the band One Direction. At a signing, he sees his a girl he's known since pre-school. What will happen when Harry makes his move? This movella is dedicated to Abygail Stylik <3 for supporting me!


4. Catching Up

Aby's P.O.V

"Uh, well actually I want to uh tell you something, Aby" Harry responded nervously. "You can tell me anything Harry, I promise!" I explained. "Oh, I just can't hold it back anymore. I love you, Aby! I've had a crush on you since the second you walked through the doors in pre-school. As much as I wanted to succeed in my dream I wanted you to be mine. I didn't care about Katie and Isabella, I didn't even notice that they existed. Honestly, you wouldn't know how much I love you!" Harry said making me tear up a bit. "Harry, that's how you feel? You're the Harry Styles and you love me? When you could love any other girl in the world, you chose me? Wow, Ha- Harry I love you too! I've had a crush on you since pre- school as well, you are the only one that's ever supported me through my life and whenever Katie and Isabella were around you, I guess I was jealous" I said through sobs. Harry wiped my tears away from me with a cloth that smelt like my favourite perfume. "Here, you can keep it, this was my grandma's. She received it from my grandfather on their wedding day". Harry said. I stopped crying, got up to walk to Harry and hugged him. "Thanks Hazza. You've really made my day, how could this be happening to me out of all girls. I'm so lucky to have met you!" I said honestly. "That's not it, Aby." Harry chuckled. "What else could be better than this?" I asked, obviously confused. He looked me straight in the eyes. "Abygail Mary Winters, will you be my girlfriend?" I dropped my mouth in shock. "umm...yes!" I screamed in excitement. "I've never had the courage to ask you until now so thanks!" Harry confessed. I couldn't help but blush.

After we finished our coffees, we both headed back to the boys'hotel.

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