February the 14th. Weird Valentines.

Read it to find out....


3. New Girl More Trouble.

Today, I ADOPTED this girl to join our Clique. Her Name is Alesha Nartly she's got lovely blonde hair like me! Long and silky! Right down to her waist her hair is. So beautiful but of course my hair is so much longer! Its right down to my knees! Love it so much! The only problem with Alesha is her dress code! She follows the school rules! No skirts shorter than knee length! It sounds like something my NANA would wear when she is 168! Alesha is only 16! Dress Decently Girl! More work for me to change her style! Its not the 16th Century Alesha. She's smart and so I guess that is ok! Oh, Mr Robinson out history teacher is going to give me a detention if I don't get to History on time! Ive GOT TO GO NOW! 


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