February the 14th. Weird Valentines.

Read it to find out....


2. February the 14th. Today is the day.

Wake up in the morning, walking to school, Grab my handbag im outta door, Im gonna be quick because when I leave wear my sneakers while drinking juice 'cause when I leave for High I ain't coming back. Im talking ill be back at five five, heaps of valentine tines. Gonna partay All Night. Well, thats a day sorted out, Thats my schedule to go to school and returning at 5 to get ready for the Valentines day Dance. Well, I'm going to wear this ultra chic dress from promgirl.com. It's a blue strapless dress with lots of gems and sparkles on it. Also, This year it's a masquerade dance and I will be wearing this mask that is gold and super pretty from . Last year alone, I got 102 valentines and 6 bouquet of roses and 1092 single roses. I hope to beat the record of last year. BTW, I'll be sending 45 Valentines to 45 lucky people at school, excluding the teachers) each containing a $30 gift voucher from Smiggle. For my mates, they'll get $30 gift card from M.A.C AND $50 worth of Build a Bears. For all I know, they love Build a Bears and M.A.C so, I will surprise them on Friday which all their mums and my mum planned. Hmm? What should I wear to school now? Ok, a Cream Medieval StyleTop and my favorite Miniskirt. So thats my outfit done. 

On the night before, I usually Dye my har a lighter shade of blonde then highlight it purple! Only for the purple bit, it washes out so Im safe but for the blonde part, its permanent. My hair is naturally light blonde but in the sun, it turns slightly darker and I have to dye it to keep it to my normal shade especially during summer. During winter, it lightens up a lot but you cannot see my dye!



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