February the 14th. Weird Valentines.

Read it to find out....


1. Wakie Wakie Tara

Its 6 am on a Wednesday and its school again. I love Valentines day eve. We usually eavesdrop on people that are discussing who their cards are for. It's really rude but heaps of fun!

I sleepily walked into the kitchen and took my usual seat next to my brother Tommy but we all call him Tom. To be honest, he is quite annoying even though he's 10. I'm Tara Greendale and i'm 16. "Tara, Tom, Get ready and changed for school." That was mum. She gets pretty worried when the clock chimes 7 and we are not changed and ready yet. I'll have to wait 1 more year before I learn how to drive according to mum. Ok, I just got changed and i'm wearing a black cami with a pair of frayed shorts. Usually, I wear a miniskirt to school but today I its Valentines day eve and I save the coolness for Valentines Day. You get more fun out of this. I'm going to school now, mums taking us in her Hummer. Hummer? Yes, I repeat Hummer. It's a long story. Too long in fact. It's fun riding in the hummer everyday as I am the eldest, I get to sit in the front everyday apart from the weekends. Dad or Tom sits there usually on the weekends. 

Im going to meet Sarah, Danielle, Lindsay and of course Ivy and India. They are part of my clique. Well, every clique has their boss person right? So, for our clique, I am the boss partially because I am the most popular in school. I go to Coastal Park High, its a local school and has been around for about 20 years including this year. Oh, the bell just rung. Today starts with, UGH, Ms. Devon. Everyone hates Ms. Devon apart for this total dork Rachel Mills who is in our grade. Everyday, we have Ms Devon for maths and she is cuckoo!

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