Love Sucks

A boy, a girl, a lie.
Love always finds itself in the most unusual of occasions and Ellery does not at all expect it.
Drew finds himself lost but the truth is, it's going to be hard to find him again.


2. A New Pip

Dear Ellery,

It's been a while, sorry. I've been running around much like a headless chicken trying to fix what I've wronged and shit like that but then I wouldn't want to insult the chicken. 

The letters are for you and not for you at the same time which is sort of a paradox, I think, so I guess  you deserve to be discussed and appreciated and loved. 

Do you remember that time at the movies? You wanted to go and watch Great Expectation but knowing I'd be as bored as a rock before the film even started rolling, I opted to come with you. 

It was an amazeballs day - I still miss that word, amazeballs. It sounds weird saying it without you breathing down my neck and correcting my pronunciation. Here's a little secret though Ry, I always knew how to say it properly. 

I just didn't want you to move away.

That was one of the reasons I fell in love with you; once the perfectionist, always the perfectionist. 

That day at the movies started it all though. Sure, I liked you well enough but liking is never really the deal-breaker where I'm concerned. 

It was dark, that part was awfully obvious, and it was quiet. No one else came for the late viewing like we did. That was perfect for me, I had you all to my self.

I fell asleep which I knew would happen, but you see...I wasn't completely asleep. I always sleep with one eye open and one eye closed, a fact that never ceases to surprise people. 

You looked left, you looked right, you saw your chance and you took it.

You recited every single word Pip said, straight off by heart with more passion and vigor than I had ever before witnessed in my life.

And that chickpea, is the day you stole me off the shelf and took off running. 

Love always,


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