Run away love

This is a story about a young girl named Ronnie she has fallen for one of the most famous boys in the world Niall horan. What will she do will she keep the love strong or will se just fall and the pressure. And to top things off she get bullied because people say she lying about her and Niall.


14. please remember

Nialls P.O.V

so the doctor came running "out shes awake Mr horan" he said i got up and ran into the room her eyes wide open she sat up and we locked eyes and i ran up to her and kissed her she then whispers into my ear " i missed you so much then we both started to cry then the doctor walked back in and said "well looks like you can go home know you should be better heres some medication you need to take once a day for 3 weeks i nodded and said "ill rimed her" i was never going to let her out of my sight. i then start to pack up all her things people had given her. then we walked out of hospital in held her hand and there was one or two paps but we didnt care.

ronnie P.O.V

so i had just got into my house with niall my mom and dad must still be living in spain. i sigh because i miss them but i had niall know. we both sat down on the sofa as niall started to get hungry he jumped up and was looking for food menus i said in the kitchen top draw on the left he walked in and i heard him rustling and then shout  " WANT A CURRY WE CAN INVITE THE OTHERS OVER IF YOU WANT I KNOW WHAT THEY ALL LIKE " i shout back and say yeah ill ring them know. so i first rang up daisy and told her and harry to come down to mine then niall called the rest of them because we didnt really talk but they all walked in and sat down and then we just started talking like we had know each other for years then the door rang i went to answer it. i laugh at who the delivery boy was i go to school with him and he started to ask when i was going to be back and stuff he then gave me my food and said its on the house i walked in and gave niall back his money and told him that i knew the boy. then everyone started to eat. i got out my phone and had over 100 dms on twitter the pictures of me and niall were on the web...

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