Run away love

This is a story about a young girl named Ronnie she has fallen for one of the most famous boys in the world Niall horan. What will she do will she keep the love strong or will se just fall and the pressure. And to top things off she get bullied because people say she lying about her and Niall.


4. Meeting him

Ronnie P.O.V


I looked up from my phone saw we were next to meet the boys I was getting butterfly's and gooses bumps. We walks along the long table and grapped a cd I pulled my white convers of and put that on there aswell. Harry was the first person I met " hey babe " he said I blushed I could tell he laughed and passed the cd and shoe over to Zayn " hey chick " I laughed at him and said hey back he then passed my cd and shoe to Louis but he was having a drink so he just waved and smiled like a mad man then he signed my shoe and cd next was Liam and I told him I was from Wolverhampton and he laughed and he then signed my shoe and cd. My heart was pounding I could feel my heart getting faster and faster next was Niall my heart may have stopped for a second Liam passed him my shoe and cd. Niall looked up to me a called me beautiful i blushed and then He blushed and we looked at each other and burst out laughing I then pass him my letter and he then looked abit confused. But smiled I then walked off stage and waited for daisy.


Niall P.O.V WOW I thought to my self as she walked off stage she was beautiful like stunning and then  She handed me a letter I was abit confused but I smiled at her as she walked off stage. I wonder what is in this letter the boys all look at me cooo'd I just put my head and carry'ed on smiling.

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