Run away love

This is a story about a young girl named Ronnie she has fallen for one of the most famous boys in the world Niall horan. What will she do will she keep the love strong or will se just fall and the pressure. And to top things off she get bullied because people say she lying about her and Niall.


12. I need you back

Niall P.O.V All i remember about that night was running outside to look for Ronnie and she was being carried into the back of a ambulance before I asked any questions I shout RONNIE I LOVE YOU. So if she heard me I don't know.then daisy shouted me and told me to get on the back of the ambulance so I ran and got in. What's happend to her I say with my voice quivering I was about to bust out in tears but I held it in until we got to the hospital. We got to the hospital and they rushed her off into and room we followed but they wouldn't let us in. They told us to take a seat but I just stood there e then closed the door. I punche tha wall this was all my fault if I would have told Taylor to go in the first place non of this would have happend " don't blame your self Niall" daisy said and patted the seat next to her. I sat down she gave me a long hug and I just burst out with tears. Then the doctor came out. "Are you to here for miss Ronnie jayné " we both nodded he then sat down and said " i have some bad news she's gone into a coma and were by sure if shell make it through , the poison was to quick and made its way straight to her lungs and heart I'm sorry " at this point I could have just screamed and killed taylor this was my fault but I remember the doctor " so what came we do to save her " I said still crying " I'm sorry but there's not much we can do she has a 10% chance to get through or you could put her out of her pain and turn the Machine off ". I didn't know what to do what was better for her.

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