Run away love

This is a story about a young girl named Ronnie she has fallen for one of the most famous boys in the world Niall horan. What will she do will she keep the love strong or will se just fall and the pressure. And to top things off she get bullied because people say she lying about her and Niall.


17. ' friends '

Ronnie p.o.v So I missed daisy loads but I had to carry on with school so I could finish and just go off with Niall and we live happily ever after. Yeah right he's bound to find someone better than me but anyway I was walking through the gates and I was getting dirty looks and people were laughing at me and I was really confused so I just walked to the office and got my mark then I went to my form room to see my friends but when I walked in everyone just burst out laughing appart form me three friend Charlotte Supriya and Lauren they all ran up to new almost pushing me over then they all grabbed me and pulled me out of class. Lauren; omg your back Charlotte ; MEAHHH Supriya ; omg I misse you soooo much dudee Me ; aww thanks guys but whys everyone laughing at me Lauren; shall I tell her Supriya; I dunno Charlotte; we should tell her Supriya; fine I will, basically everyone's taking the piss because of your addiction with Niall horan like try think your being really low and need to get a grip. Me; ( goes to scratch neck ) Lauren; wtf is that in your hand Supriya; does that say Niall Charlotte ; NAAA MANN me; yes it does and he has one saying my name Supriya; okk sure were just saying stop being so obsessed Me; k fine whatever So tht was a good start my three best friends army evn believing me let alone anyone else but to top thing a of in walked Jessica lawson the schools bitch she walked over to me and said " we'll look who it is if it isn't little miss fat slut bitch come back to ruin our school " they she shouted " SO YOU THINK NIALL HORAN IS YOUR BOYFRIEND GET A GRIP " then I could t hold it in anymore I jumped up out of my seat and shouted "LISTSEN BITCH YOU DONTHAVE TO BELIVE ME BUT WHEN THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL CONES AND THEY COME TO DO A PROFORMANCE WE'LL SEE WHO'S LAUGHING THEN BITCH" then the bell went so I was half I had been doing Internet classes whilst I was off school that Kent I only had one term left and we only had 3 weeks witch ment we werent going to do much lamenting but I knew it was going to be a thought day I went to maths and then lucy and got motet people laughing but then the end of the day came and I was walking out of school an I had a text of Niall From; Niall xx Hey babe I'm waiting to pick you up from where I dropped you off hurry xx So I ran round te corner and jumpe in th car and the rid home was silent I couldn't stop thinking about how I wasn't good inough for Niall it killed me we got home and I had even more hate and it was really upseting some of then were like; Niall could do so much better than that fat slut Niall Wtf are you doing with a umplaumpa But this one hurt the most Niall James horan I love you why can't you see that we should be together and you ugly fat girlfriend should just go cut her self he should die she's fat whydo you want a fat ugly girl when you could get models just saying I started to cry and Niall looked confused then I threm my phone at him and he read the tweet and just hugged me Niall p.o.v Why does she get so much hate she's beautiful I can't let her get hurt so whilst she was at school i rang and asked if she could have the next two weeks off due to bullying and  i could give her Internet classes but she had to go on the last week but me and the boys are goin to come and gig on the last day and then we leave for are surprise. But she was on we phone and she just burst out crying and she threw her phone at me 

and it hurt but I grabbed it and It was on a tweet I scanned throught the tweet and just hugged her I hate to see her upset I just don't know what to do anymore I love her why can't the fans see this

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