Run away love

This is a story about a young girl named Ronnie she has fallen for one of the most famous boys in the world Niall horan. What will she do will she keep the love strong or will se just fall and the pressure. And to top things off she get bullied because people say she lying about her and Niall.


21. fill in chapter ( ronnie p.o.v )

Ronnie pov So its monday mine and nialls 3 month anniversary I don't think he knows I won't say anything don't want to feel rude but I did get him a little something. Not nothing big just a love heart made out of clay and just some other bits and bobs. But yeah school. Ughh. Just can't wait till thursday. But for now let's just deal with all this crap and get over all the drama. Plus I can't wait to see everyone's faces when they see one direction at out school. I know that I have to bring my suite case to school because were going to london to see the boys do so concerts. So I think were all going in different cars its simple really me and niall , zayn and supriya and lauren harry louis and liam all in harrys range rover. I can't believe I'm traviling the world with the best people every. I was getting into my car to go a pick supriya up for school then starbucks after school. Anyway we had a very .. Um .. Interesting convocation ; Me: (shouts out window ) GET IN LOSER WERE GOING SHOPPING Supriya : I swear I don't know you Me: do you want a lift or do you want to walk Supriya : bitch calm yo hype (sits down and turns radio on ) Me : yes you may turn MY radio on Supriya : mwah you know you love me Me: k so anyway what's this about you a zayn then Supriya: ( goes red) well were just talking a lot that's all Me : so your going to end up going out or something Supriya : shut up Me : you and shall we get maccies breakfast Supriya : yeahh Then we went to get food and we went to school we don't really do much in lessons because its that last week we just do stupid stuff like tomorrow you have to dress up me and supriya are coming as dumb and dumber so yeah should be cool. Anyway no texts off niall all day... Weird.
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