Run away love

This is a story about a young girl named Ronnie she has fallen for one of the most famous boys in the world Niall horan. What will she do will she keep the love strong or will se just fall and the pressure. And to top things off she get bullied because people say she lying about her and Niall.


11. Club



So we pulled up outside the club in our taxi. We jumped out and ran through the double doors into the club. It was packed but we made our way to the bar. When we got there we order out drinks and try and stop a table. Then I get a text ;

To;Ronnie xx From; Niall <3 Hey m and Harry got seen by a few fans just. So we're outside be in in 2 mins where are you sat xxx

To; Niall <3 From; Ronnie xx Okey me and daisy are in the corner see you soon babe xx So as he promised a couple of minutes later in him and Harry came the made eyes do us straight away and then they made there way over to us.

Niall P.O.V

As we were about to walk into the club a few fans can out I nowhere and asked us for pictures and autographs. So we smiled and signed there pictures. Then we said bye and made our way into the club. The first thing I saw was Ronnie sat there she looked beautiful as always so anyway we walked over to the table and say down Harry and daisy went to go and get is a drink. Just as I was about to ask her the 'question' out of the blue popped up Harry's ex Taylor swift. She wasn't interested in Harry anymore the other day she texted me and said she had feeling for me I ignored it Ronnie was the only one I needed. So anyway she walked over and say down Ronnie looked pissed she then said " hey Niall long time no see how you been babe " she then kissed me on the cheek ronni looked like she could fly across the table and fly kick her right know. I wipe the red lipstick off my face and told her I was fine and I was her with Ronnie. Taylor gave her a dirty look and smiled to me she the said " oh so the messages you sent me about you likening me were just a game or something ". Romanies eyes filled with tear as she grabbed her bag and moved table to go sit with Harry and daisy. Then Taylor got up and kissed me on the cheek and walked off. I HAD to speak to Ronnie

Taylor P.O.V

 Whilst that little slut Ronnie stormed off I put someing  in her drink because I new she would come back for it. I had to do it I loved Niall I never liked Harry it was just to get close to him I knew he liked me back he just ignored it. But with this slut out of the way I could have him all to myself.

Niall P.OV

I hate Taylor so much I could see in Ronnie eyes that that she was upset she stormed off but then turned back around and grabbed her drink. I felt like such a idiot I loved her so the only way to show her was by officially asking her to be my girlfriend. Ronnie P.O.V

I hate taylor so much she a stupid bitch I new she was lying about those text though Niall would do that. Would he. Anyway I grabbed my drink and had a sip I walked outside to get some Fresh air when I felt really light headed so I tried to walk back into the club but I just fell my legs and arms went I just dropped on the floor the worst thing was none was around to help me. Until I saw a tall skinny figure come from out the door. It was Taylor " ha you stupid bitch you thought Niall loved you well he loves me and your just gonna have to go back to school with all your loser friends and just stay away from me and Niall he's mine ". I was crying but I felt my eyes start to drop and the it all went dark but I could still hear thing the second my eyes closed I heard daisy run out the door and shout me she must have looked at the floor and seen me and Taylor I then heard her grunt an a loud slap noise " you stupid slut " I heard daisy yell so I'm guessing that daisy had hit her I heard Taylor laugh and walk in. Then I heard daisy on the phone to the ambulance and a moment later I heard the Syrians as I got picked up and put on the stretcher the noise started to muffle and the last thing I remember hearing was RONNIE I LOVE YOU it was Niall and with that everything went black.

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