Run away love

This is a story about a young girl named Ronnie she has fallen for one of the most famous boys in the world Niall horan. What will she do will she keep the love strong or will se just fall and the pressure. And to top things off she get bullied because people say she lying about her and Niall.


18. Authors note PLEASE READ

So guys iv got nearly 400 reads that's amazing like I can't thank you enough but yeah I kinda have writers block on this one and had some new ideas and started a new one so please could you check out my new fan fic called for the first time it's going to be more dramatic and have some sexual scenes so yeah you should check it out , like this book or for the first time and I will love you forever also you can follow my Instagram where I put one direction quotes and stuff and that's saffron jayne also you can follow my twitter ad have updates on writing , one direction and much more also iight he holding a competition for people to get to be a character in for the first time not sure who's up for grabs but check out my Instagram or tweet me why you should be them and I will get in touch with the winners , thanks for everything
saffron xxx

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