Don't Let Me Go

"Maybe it'll be him." I pointed a boy across the street. He looked almost bored, as he aimlessly kicked around a rock.

Diana shook her head, frowning at me. "Trust me, you don't want it to be him."

"Who is he?" I asked, looking the boys direction. Dark curls hung in front of his face as he looked down at the pavement, kicking the rock with his toe. A large purple bruise was prominent on his left cheek, I could see it even from this distance.

She shrugged, giving me a dark look. "Love, I'm going to tell you this right now, you stay away from that boy. All he is, is trouble."

The boy stopped kicking the rock, he slowly lifted his head. Peering out from behind his dark curls, he met my gaze. Air got stuck in my lungs as his electrifying green eyes connected with my hazel ones. He held me in a trance with his stare, and I found myself unable to move from the spot I was standing in. A smirk made its way onto his lips, and he turned away from me.

"I just wanted to know his name," I


3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two is here :) Won't be updating until I get five more comments! Enjoy my little potatoes!

Chapter Two

The day couldn't have gone by any slower. Every teacher I had decided to drone on about a subject I really could care less about in a lackluster voice. It took every single fiber of my being to stay awake and pay attention. Lord knows that if I fell asleep during class, my father would be livid once he was informed. So with that image in mind, I actively took notes while my peers zoned out and passed notes.

Throughout the day, I had gotten several looks from Lucas Hanover, not very friendly ones at that. I had walked from class to class with a growing fear that Lucas would approach me. In that situation, I'd be stuck between a rock and a hard place. If I did nothing, Lucas would get what he wants, though most likely it would not be what I want. On the other hand, if I defended myself again, father would find out and the results would be worse of the previous night's ones. Fortunately, luck was on my side as Lucas never came closer than ten feet the entire day.

"Today was one of the most boring days I've ever had to live," I complained to Diana as we walked back towards her car.

She chuckled, flipping her long golden hair over her shoulder. "I've had worse days. One time when I was in the first year, none of my friends showed up to class. I had to sit in the corner and watch the boys play football during recess. Turns out those little bitches went on a day trip without me. I never really forgave any of them."

"I think that's when your keen interest in boys developed," I snickered, shouldering my bag as Diana lightly whacked my arm. Although I was jostling, I probably was right. Coldplay's Paradise starting playing from my bag, stopping my laughter. I pulled out my phone to see who was calling, but my eyes widened at the name.

Diana noticed my change in mood and narrowed her eyes at my phone. "Who's calling you?"

"My father," I mumbled, a little bit in shock. Father never called me for anything, he always did his best to avoid me unless he was beating me. My shaking thumb hovered over the answer button, before pressing it and hesitantly pulling the phone up to my ear. I didn't really want to answer it, but I was scared of the consequence there would be if I didn't. "Hello?"

"Hello Noelle. I am going to be working late tonight, and I won't be able to run a couple of errand I had planned to do. Would you mind going to the grocery store for me? I'll text you everything we need," his eerily polite tone told me that there were other people around. Even with his politeness, I'm sure people were wondering why he talked to his daughter like a colleague. He would have to work on that.

I nodded, my mouth felt dry, still in shock that my father even has my phone number. Diana gave me a worried look. Although she didn't know the full truth, and never would, she knew that my father was, to put it likely, a complete and total douchebag. For a brief moment, I wondered what would happen if I told him no. The image made me lightly shudder. "Of course. I'll do that now."

"Thank you, Ellie," he said in a strained voice and I nearly winced. No one called me Ellie; no one but my mum. "Be home before four thirty, you have dance rehearsals tonight. I'll send someone to pick you up and I won't be home until ten," insert awkward pause. "Bye Noelle," with that, the line went dead on the other line. I hung up my phone, stuffing it back in my bag.

"I have to buy a few things for my dad, I'll see you tomorrow?" I said while turning on my heel, my back still twisted to see Diana.

She said, giving me a look. "Are you sure you don't want me to give you a ride? It'a suppose to get colder soon."

I shook my head, knowing full well that Diana's mum prefers her to come home right after school. Diana had a history of wandering around the city after school, a habit her mother despised. "No, I promise I'll be fine. If I need you I'll call you. I promise. Anyways I can just take a taxi home."

Her face held uncertainty, but she knew I wasn't going to let her drive me. "Fine, I give up. But if I don't get a call from you I better not get any complaints tomorrow!"

I chuckled at my best friend as I walks away from her. "Bye Diana!" I called back to her, waving over my shoulder.

My phone beeped, as my father sent me the list of things we needed. It was nothing special, just the basic shampoo, cream rinse and such. This was very unusual. My father usually bought everything he needed, or asked one of his assistants or interns to do it. I think he never liked to depend on my for anything. Things must be bad at work if he's asking me to help him.

As I was going store to store, picking this up for my dad, I felt something weird, like I was important, like my father needed me. Of course it was silly to think that my father would ever need me, but as I was helping out I couldn't help but imagine that this was a turning point for my father and I, that we could actually develop a relationship. I knew I was acting delusional, and I had to remind myself of that so my hope wouldn't involuntarily rise.

Seven plastic bags were filled when I finally finished getting everything my father needed, and he needed a lot. For a middle aged old man, he sure did need a lot of hair products. Three of the seven bags were full with his hair things, while only one of them had products I needed. Quite the opposite of most people, I bet.

I scurried out of the store, bags dangling from my forearms and wrists as I tried to get my money back in my bag, or should I say, the monthly money my father gives me in case of emergencies. It was half past three, giving me less than an hour to get home. One of the plastic bags slipped from my wrist, spilling all of the contents on the sidewalk. "Shit," I snapped, bending down to gather my father things. Money feel from my hands, coins rolling over the sidewalk. Color rose to my cheeks as people walked past me, this was so embarrassing.

"Here, let me help you with that," I looked up to see who the deep voice above me was coming from. It was a boy with a mop of curly hair on top of his head, with bright emerald eyes. The color on my face got brighter when I realized who it was. It was the boy from this morning; the boy I said could possibly be the one. Though I wasn't being serious, it was still a bit embarrassing to think about. I thought I was never going to see this boy again. I looked at this boy as he bent down to help me gather my things. This was the boy Diana said was trouble, the boy that she said I should stay away from. I had a lot of trouble imagining that. He looked so sweet, almost like a cupcake.

"Thank you," I mumbled, giving him a small smile as he handed me the bag and my money. We both gradually stood, and I couldn't tear my eyes from his. They were so mesmerizing, such a dark color of green I couldn't look away. He had me transfixed. "I'm Noelle Cameron," I managed, smiling and offering my hand to him.

An abnormally large hand grasped my small one, gently shaking it. I liked the way his hand engulfed mine, they were rather large. "Nice to meet you Noelle, I'm Harry, Harry Styles," as he smiled, dimples popped up in his cheeks.

I dropped his hand. "Well, it was nice meeting you but I really should be going. I need to be home soon."

Harry raised his eyebrows. "Are you walking there?" I nodded. "Well, that's silly. Let me give you a ride, that way you don't have to carry all those bags home," he asked with a slight smirk, as though he knew I wouldn't be able to say no.

'Stay away from that boy. All he is, is trouble.'

Diana's words replayed in my head as I looked up at the curly haired boy. He certainly didn't look like the typical bad-boy, and I wasn't at all intimidated by him. Besides, what Diana doesn't know is that my father is nothing but trouble, and I managed with him everyday. Harry couldn't be any worse than my father, and for some reason I was willing to take the chance. I nodded my head. "Yeah, that'd be nice if you don't mind."

He grinned at me. "It would be my pleasure, Noelle. Now c'mon, let's go," he turned off, walking in the opposite direction, indicating me to follow him. I obliged, my little legs trotting to keep up with his long ones.

"Are you sure I'm not keeping you from anything?" I inquired as he opened the passenger side of a black car, gesturing for me to get in.

He shook his head, his chocolate curls bouncing as his head moved from side to side. "Of course not, nothing I could be doing right now is more important than giving a pretty girl a ride home," I looked down at my shoes, blushing as I thanked him, slipping into his car. He closed the door beside me, jogging around the front of the car and hopping in the driver's seat. "So, where do you live?"

"Do you know where Jacobs Street is?" I asked quietly, not looking up at the boy but I saw him nod from the corner of my eye. "I live there, third house on the left."

Harry nodded as he pulled out of the parking space. The first few seconds of the drive were silent, and I feared this would be an extremely awkward experience. I kept my eyes carefully trained on my hands as I fiddled with them. I heard Harry's deep chuckle next to me. "You don't have to be so shy, love," a blush rose to my cheeks, though I don't know why I was acting so embarrassed. It was, after all, just a boy. Granted, it was a boy I'd never known before and I was now in a car alone with, but it was still just a boy, like the ones I interact with every day. "I take a right here, yeah?" He asked, gesturing to an upcoming steer.

"Yeah, that one," I paused. "Thank you for driving me. I probably would have been late if I had to walk."

Briefly taking his eyes off the road, Harry sent me a smile. "Don't worry about it love. Why were you getting all those things any ways? I doubt you need any hair growth stimulators."

A small smile made its way onto my lips. "I was getting picking up a few things for my father, he's working late tonight."

He nodded, accepting my answering, taking another right turn. "What would you have been late for?" He questioned, and I imagined he was trying to keep the conversation up to keep things from being awkward.

"Dance rehearsals," I answered quietly, another blush creeping up my cheeks. My dance career is something so intimate to me, I like to keep it to myself. The only people who know are Diana and my father, and the only reason he knows us because he pays for the private lessons. See, my father has this desire for me to be perfect. He pushes me hard, and expects me to be a classy lady, and when I'm not he beats me. He signed me up for ballet when I was young because he believed it to be a suitable activity for a young lady. I've fallen in love with it, it's the only good thing my father's ever given me, as opposed to the scars and the bruises. Dance also has deep meaning to me, because of that. Telling a stranger I dance felt odd.

"Ah, what kind of dance do you do?" he asked, and I wasn't sure if he was really interested or had a talent of making it sound like he was. Either way, it was convincing enough for me to believe he wanted to learn more about me.

"Ballet," I replied, a smile growing on my face as I thought about it. "I've been doing it since I was a little girl."

An unreadable expression grew on Harry'a face as I mentioned the word 'ballet,' but I didn't even mention it. Finally, Harry took one last turn on to my street, pulling into my driveway. "Nice house," he said in awe as he gazed at my father's house. Yes, it was nice and I did live there, but I would never consider it home; too many bad memories.

"Thanks," I mumbled, unbuckling my seatbelt and gathering my bags. "Thank you again for the ride, you saved my arse tonight."

Harry grinned. "No problem love. Here, I'll help with your stuff." I gave him a few bags and we got out of the car, walking up to my front door. When I unlocked the door and pushed it open, Harry's look of awe grew as he saw the foyer of my 'home.' I invited him in, a little uncomfortable as he examined his surroundings. I admit I am no one to judge, but from Harry's ragged looks and old car, it appeared he didn't thrive in the economic department, and just by looking at the outside of my house anyone could tell I, or at least my father, was very well off. I lead Harry to the kitchen, placing the bags down on the counter as he mimicked my motions. "It's even nicer on the inside," he said, running a hand over the smooth black marble of the countertop.

"Erm, thanks."

Before I knew what he was doing, Harry reached for my phone that hanging out of my pocket with a smirk. I didn't know what to do I was watched him enter in his number, and proceed to text himself. He handed me back my phone, and I took it without words. "I'll be seeing you later, Noelle."

Before I could react, he was out of the kitchen and I heard the front door open and close. My mind started to process what just happen. I had meet a boy that I had previously stated could be the one for me, gotten in a car with him even though I had received warning that he was dangerous, and now he has my number and I was apparently going to see him again. In most cases, I would be worried about what my father would do to me if he ever found out. But now for some strange reason, I'm just smiling at the thought that I might see him again.
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