Pistol Whipped *in-complete*

Marilyn Manson has been a heart breaker from the start of his music career. He has had sex with many girls for the fun of as well as had many wives.
What happens when Marilyn falls in love with one of his fans. Will they become a couple or will this girl be someone he has sex with and leaves her?
Or will it be a complicated love?


2. Chapter 2

Finally my band mates came to my rescue. I hoped into the car and rubbed at my eyes. "Manson you right there, you look like shit". I nodded as I ignored the other comments, "Just get me the fuck out of here, I need to go back home" I said grabbing some beer off the floor. I unscrewed the lid and chugged the stale beer down. It felt good.  The sensation of something cool going down my throat and into my stomach was kind of soothing. I looked at my members then at the girls they all had. I felt left out. I glanced beside me and saw that I had nobody. We were half way to my place when I suddenly thought I want to fuck someone, to make the pain go away. "Driver I change my mind take me to my favourite pub" I said as I banged on the glass window which parted us from the driver. "Yes sir" He said as he turned around. "Manson you need to go home, you just came from the hospital" said the girl with fiery red hair. "Fuck you, I do what I want" I said pointing my finger at her. She looked at me scared as she shrugged and went back to flirting with the others. I glanced at the other guys before I sighed and looked out the tinted, glassed windows. After ten minutes of silence we finally arrived at the pub. I stepped out on the side walk and put my shades on. It was dark but I was like that, a complete weirdo sometimes, but I liked it. I walked through the doors and into the pubs atmosphere. I could taste and smell alcohol, smoke and sweaty bodies grinding up and down each other. I liked the atmosphere very much. I made my way through the crowds of sweaty females and males. Finally I came up to the bar and ordered my usual. I grabbed the cup and swallowed it down without drawing one breath. I saw a girl who looked like she give into me fucking her. I walked over to her but froze dead in my tracks. It…It couldn't be her I thought feeling a blush creep up to my cheeks. What was wrong with me? I thought again. I walked back over to the bar and asked for the strongest alcohol there was. I drunk that too and suddenly I felt like shit again but still I made my way over to her. I gained up my courage but as I went to speak but I threw up right in front of her. "Marilyn Manson is that you? Mariah said with a frown on her face. I glanced up at her and whispered "Sorry". I rushed off to the bathroom. I regretted that moment. I bashed through the doors and went straight to the sink. I could feel large lumps of vomit rise up my throat again. I let it come out and into the sink below me. After I finished been sick I went and sat on the floor by a toilet seat. Resting my head against the cold toilet as I listened out. I could hear screaming couples and a few people fucking somewhere. I didn't care I felt like I couldn't face Mariah again. Suddenly she was standing in front of me. "Marilyn, you okay?" She said crouching down to place her hand on my head. He long, black hair fell around her face hiding her dark blue eyes. Her lips were still lined as a frown. "Yeah I'm fine I guess" I said trying to stand up but fell over instantly. "Hey you’re not okay, I'm gonna take you back to my place for the night and don't think we are gonna fuck" She said with a small smile on her face. I nodded and let her take me by the hand. She led me out to the street. I gaged at the sudden hit of fresh air. I stopped and she glanced at me giving me worried eyes. I took a deep breath. The air filled my lungs which made me feel even dizzier and sick. "Hey we need to keep going Marilyn, we are almost there" She said looking at me properly tonight. I stared at her lips, wondering what they would feel like against mine. I wanted to tell her I liked her and I wanted her number but somehow I couldn't. It was like she mind fucked me completely. "Okay here it is' she said as she lead me inside and up the stairs to her apartment.  "Why are you doing this for me?" I asked her when we reached her door. "Because I'm a major fan and I care about my idols she answered without ease. I nodded as she step aside and let me in first. I walked in and stood there feeling dumb. "Hey just throw your jacket anywhere, its fine with me" She said as she draped her coat on the lounge. I walked over and did the same thing. "Okay you need to drink some coffee, do you like coffee?" she said pointing to the kitchen. I nodded and off she went to make me some coffee. I planted myself on the lounge and got comfortable. I could smell her on the lounge. Her scent went right up my nose making me sigh quietly. She smelt of roses and lavender mixed into one. I could smell as slight of what a smoker smells like too. I smiled and then frowned. I forgot that I didn't tell the other but who gave a fuck any way. I sure didn't.

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