Pistol Whipped *in-complete*

Marilyn Manson has been a heart breaker from the start of his music career. He has had sex with many girls for the fun of as well as had many wives.
What happens when Marilyn falls in love with one of his fans. Will they become a couple or will this girl be someone he has sex with and leaves her?
Or will it be a complicated love?


1. Chapter 1

I was on stage singing my song called 'No reflection'. One of my favourite songs that I had recorded from the album. I could see my fans rocking it out and singing along. Some were crying and throwing up too. I smiled cruelly to myself as continued to sing. I could feel the sweat dripping down my face making my make-up smear slightly. I loved this feeling but what made me feel lonely was I didn't have anyone to go back to after all this. I keep thinking of all the girls who had left me. All the ones I hit and abused, all the girls I constantly fucked, but it just didn't feel right any more. I suddenly felt dizzy. Everything around me became big swirls and blur. My fans became blurry and next minute I was on the ground, out cold. When I woke up I could hear my name being said to me. "Marilyn, Marilyn you there buddy, can you hear me?" Next thing I know I have light shiny into my eyes. "Ugh fuck off" I said trying to dodge the light still shining in my eyes. I could hear some people laughing at what I said. I soon realized I was in hospital. "Fucking hell why am I here at the fucking god damn hospital" I spat after my focus came back into place. "Well Mr Manson, you were drunk last night and you were so pissed you fainted on stage" the doctor said reading from his clip board. "Fuck you, I wasn't drunk" I spat again feeling the anger really bubbling up now. The doctor nodded his head and turned to the nurse and talked to her. I sat up and rubbed at my temples feeling slightly pissed off now. I looked around at the plain white walls and suddenly I felt insecure. "Oi doc, can I get the fuck outta here now?"

I said pointing to the door. The doctor nodded at me. I got up and barged my way through the both of them. I heard as I went past Fame has gotten the best of him. I muttered something about the doctor’s comment before I left the hospital. I grabbed my phone put and texted my band asking them to come pick me up. I soon got a message from them saying coming. I thought to myself thank fucking god. Suddenly a swarm of my fans came pouncing at me. I laughed and stood there. They all stood around me asking me questions. I waited till they were all quiet before saying "My fans I was fucking drunk and I passed out, I fucking fine now and I'm ready to fuck this world up with my music". They all cheered before running off again all except this one girl. She stood there eyeing me with steady eyes. I began to feel uneasy and lost in her eyes. "What the fuck you want?" I asked quickly this time avoiding her eye contact. She looked at me, then licked her lips before answering "The famous Marilyn Manson huh? Well it's great to be in your presence". I just looked at her. I could feel a blush creep up my cheeks, she was actually really pretty in a gothic type of way, which made me feel slightly horny. I got a thought in my mind about maybe I could fuck this girl and she would be my last, before I'd settle down. I looked at her, her expression was motionless and she just kept looking ahead. She seemed bored. "So umm what's your name my dear" I said trying to sound nice. She turned to me and spoke slowly "Uh…my name is Mariah Gibbs and nice isn't your style". I was about to say something but shut my mouth quickly. "Nice to meet you Mariah, Uh how old are you?" I asked trying to sound casual. She looked at me again before smiling and saying "Hmm trying to get me into your bed, so you can fuck me and run off and tell your little friends. Also I am thirty-five". I stared at her with my mouth open. How in the fuck did she know what I was trying to do? "Oh Marilyn don't act so surprised, I know what you are like I have been a fan for a long time now, I know all your secrets and stuff" She said adding a warming smile. "Beside I would love to sleep with you but I don't think I could handle the fame and paparazzi being on my case" She added before stepping into a car that had pulled up for her. She waved and disappeared into the rest of the traffic. I watched in astonishment before blinking back into reality. "Whoa" I said looking around then I whispered her name quietly to myself.


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