Bad-Ass Hero

'In real life people call me a failiure,whore,slut; but in real life I'm a bad-ass chick. Yes I have been bullied at school but it doesnt mean i have to give up, like they always say "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words doesn't." Thank Zayn Malik for ruining me.' (Zayn Malik love story)


1. Chapter 1: Ami Brookes

Hey faggots! Well 'sorry' if I tottaly ruined your life by saying that. Hahahaha jokes...Anyways my name is Ami,Ami Brookes. Judging by the fact I said faggot to ya'll im guessing you know what i am? Yes you guessed it! Im a total of a bad-arse eh? To people they think that i am a loser,a geek,a whore.But to me and my freind they think of me as a recker,awesome,pretty and yes, bad-arse. And by the way, i said friend. I only have one friend and her name is Annalouisa Ennastasia or known as Anna. We're both 19 and we get bullied at school,alot. And i mean alot. Well thanks to Zayn Malik. Ooh yea And did i tell you he made me go to jail?

Anyways,im not supposed to be at school this year. Since im turning 20 and Anna has already turned 19. Here's some baisics 'bout me: purple and black, fashion is my life, R&B, mac and cheese is the only thing i eat and i am a clubber.  Anna,Anna,Anna. I guess she is the only person to trust. She protects me as much as i protect her. And my family you ask? Well they are the most caring family in the world. I have a brother Aidan. Even though he is 25, he still lives at our house. I dont listen to my parents but i do love them. 

Well i guess thats it...
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